What it Takes to Successfully Work Remotely

What it Takes to Successfully Work Remotely

Do you dream of hanging out at home in your pyjamas sipping margaritas while taking the odd call? Perhaps you envision quiet, lazy mornings while working silently and diligently in the wee hours of the night? Or do you become motivated with loud music blaring from the speakers? Maybe you dream of managing your clients while relaxing on a beach in Bali? We are all different, so it makes sense that the way we work can vary too.

Working remotely may sound like a glamorous job; but can you make it work?

Can you make the switch from PA to VA easily enough, still be efficient in the role and earn enough to pay the bills? First and foremost, it depends on who you are working for. Some managers prefer to know that their assistants are within an arm’s reach at all times so that may be an almost impossible transition to make. Perhaps you can find a compromise and work at home some of the time? But on the other hand, others will be happy to work with someone remotely, providing they can show that they can still carry out the work effectively.

What do you need to be successful in a remote position?

Excellent Communication

Good communication is at the heart of any remote or VA position. It needs to occur regularly, so there is complete trust, 100% of the time. Without it, your efforts will fall flat! While your manager does not need to know where you are at every moment, they need to understand that you will do the work as instructed and to the agreed deadline. Reach out with Skype, emails and telephone calls, so they know you have a handle on it.

Effective Systems

When you are busy and don’t wish to be disturbed, then you must be able to find a way to communicate that. Perhaps a red flag system or other similar application would be helpful to enable you to meet deadlines and confirm priorities. Plan this at the outset, so there is no confusion. It needs to be understandable at a quick glance and be something that works for all parties involved.

Meeting Expectations

What do you expect? What does your boss expect? Once you know your expectations and communicate them to others and understand what the other parties require, then your job will be much easier. If your boss wants you to call in at 9.00am each morning to run through everything, then do it. Similarly, if they require an email giving them the current status at the end of the day, then action it. Once the basic expectations are met, you are on your own to manage your time and get the tasks done.

Maintaining Motivation

While the idea of working in your PJs all day sounds like bliss in the early stages, it can start to zap your confidence. Getting up and preparing yourself for the day as if you were heading to the office is great for your productivity and motivation. It lets your body know that it is time for work. Of course, don’t feel the need to dress as formally as you would in the workplace. Find the happy medium, so you have an alternative to bed wear. Staying professional and in routine is a big part of making it work.

Connecting with the Client

Maintaining a regular connection with the client is still important. Perhaps you can arrange daily or weekly meet ups to help with the communication flow and motivation issues. As long as your manager understands that they can reach you should an emergency occur, then everything will be okay. Be present and available within a set number of hours, offer your assistance, set your goals and be accessible as much as possible.

Follow these tips and it won’t be long before you too can enjoy the benefit of working from home.

Margarita anyone? (no not really, there is work to be done!)

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