Using the Facebook Events feature to promote your next event

Using the Facebook Events feature to promote your next event

As an experienced EA, I know first hand just how versatile our jobs can be. One day you’re elbow deep in admin and the next you’re and event marketing guru!

Organising and managing events like workshops or conferences is one thing but then marketing them and putting bums on seats is another. The lead up can be extremely stressful so I thought I would share one of the tricks up my sleeve to help gain an idea of attendees and ultimately get as many registrations as you hope for.

Creating a Facebook event through the ‘Facebook Events’ function is a perfect way to help promote your event on social media. The chances are that a lot of people you want to invite or attend your event is on Facebook already and it is an excellent method of spreading the word quickly and effortlessly about your up and coming agenda.

Despite the fact that I cannot get enough of this effective tool, I am regularly finding that many of my clients and the executives that I work with are unfamiliar with exactly how to use it to their advantage.

So, let’s get back to basics and see what all the fuss is about.

Why should you use Facebook Events?

There are many great reasons why you should be using Facebook Events for your business. Firstly, the aspect of being able to streamline the management of an event is desirable, no matter who you are.

  • The beauty of Facebook events is that if optimised correctly they can appear on people’s Facebook feeds advising them that there is an event going on near them. It lets people see what events their friends are attending locally, and allows others to join in if they are interested. It also enables other networks to share your event and invite other people who may wish to stop by.
  • There is no need to crowd your personal feed with information or share it with others who have no interest in going. Facebook Events lets you share relevant information solely to those who are attending or, at the very least, interested in the event. The events tool also allows you to target interested parties with much more precision than ever before.
  • Through sharing it will give you incredible insight into how many people are planning to attend. This is a dramatic change from traditional announcements such as flyers and posters, where you have no way of knowing how many people will turn up on the day. This information is very beneficial for budgeting and planning in the final days leading up to the event.

Facebook Events offers a modern forum where you can inform before the event, send out information during the event and even update once it’s all over. You can share stories, videos, images and text updates to keep everyone in the loop. You can thank people for coming and making it such a wonderful success. You can even seek feedback so you can perfect your event the next time around.

How can you spread the word about your event?

Facebook Events gives you many ways to increase your reach and convert interested parties to guests. Here are some of the options available to you.

  1. Share it on your Facebook business page. This will most likely be your first point of call when it comes to sharing on social media.
  2. Display it on your profile. This will allow any individuals who are not fans of your business page and are interested in attending, to see the event in question.
  3. Nominate co-hosts and ask them to share it with their list of contacts. Using your personal connections is an ideal way to profit from social media. Share and share alike as they say!
  4. You can connect with other networks and ask if they would mind sharing it on their page. There are many networks that are keen in spreading the word about unique events which will interest their members. Do your research to see what is available to you.
  5. You can promote the event through paid advertising to increase awareness and attendance. Set a plan and a budget, so you don’t overspend. Bear in mind that you might have to spend a little money to make a lot.
  6. Create offers to entice people to sign up. Popular marketing methods include early bird specials and buy one ticket get one-half price offers.
  7. You can upgrade your cover image to link to and promote the event. By designing a professional Facebook cover, you can capture the curiosity of all who visit your page.

All these ways allow you to connect with individuals and groups who are interested in your event and give you precious opportunity to add real value to your readership.

If you are organising an event now or planning one, then there is no time to waste. Get Facebook Events working on your behalf to promote your event, build up the buzz and put bums on seats. More and more of my clients are realising that online tools can save them a lot of effort and money. It is time you optimised your online usage and turned your Facebook page into a well-honed marketing machine.

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