Three things you can do to make your commute time work for you

Three things you can do to make your commute time work for you

Do you spend a lot of time commuting? I’m fortunate that I no longer have the need to travel to work every day, when I did, I wish I had been smarter with my commuting time.

While listening to music can be a relaxing way to spend the commute, there are other more valuable ways to pass that time. Take control of your self-development and learn a new skill or improve in an area.

Here are three of my favourites.

Take in some podcasts

Podcasts are a great source of free information and an awesome way to gain new knowledge and pick up new tips to improve your work habits and your future career goals.

Whether it is to help your career as an EA, PA, VA or concentrated around a hobby that you love, don’t let the hours go to waste. You can pick up a lot in 30 minutes and you can begin to look forward to your commute time to enhance your personal growth rather than just view it as a train or car ride to and from work. TED Talks is always a brilliant place to start.

Listen to audio books

Audible is a fantastic app for book lovers. It gives you the chance to listen to world-renowned books anywhere, anytime, including on your commute to the office and back.

Audible’s audio book selection is extensive, and there seems to be something for everyone. Whether you want to hear the latest fiction novel or invest your time in a non-fiction best-seller, it is entirely up to you. But with many of the books being read by an A-star cast, it is hard not to feel inspired by their offerings.

For those with an iPhone, you can enlist the help of Siri to turn your iBooks into audio books without paying anything extra. By the way, you are welcome!

Tick those things off your to-do list

Time spent as a passenger in a car or on public transport can be better used by going through your to-do list.

After hearing email and task master Dermot Crowley speak at the last conference I attended on how to get emails down to 0 at the end of each day, I have embraced his methods. I have set my tasks to be completely online so I can manage them at any opportunity. I add both my personal and professional commitments together, so nothing is ever forgotten. From the payment of bills to the drop off of the kids – from the university assignment due dates to the daily tasks at work – I have no reason to be forgetful anymore. Using the commute time to pay bills, make follow up calls, prioritise tasks and check emails to slot into the online to-do list, can impact how you manage your time on a daily basis.

Work or do something you love doing or want to learn

 The three previous points all have something in common. They all put the spotlight back to you – you are the priority in the equation. Your journey can now be spent directed on the things you love to make your life easier and more enjoyable in the long-run. And when those train delays occur, rather than fret or frown, you can sit back and relax deep in the knowledge that you get to spend more time focusing on YOU.

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