Happy Office Professionals Day! | Ten ways you can thank your admin team and assistant

Happy Office Professionals Day! | Ten ways you can thank your admin team and assistant

For Australia, Friday, May 3rd marks the day to celebrate all Office Professionals. It’s not just a day of celebration and high fives; it’s a day to recognise the work of all your admins, PAs, EAs, receptionists and administrative support professionals. It’s about showing gratitude and recognising that they too are an integral part of the business.

Whether you’re a manager, fellow admin professional or team leader, it’s in your hands to make someone’s day. If you’re stuck for ideas, we’re here to help! Please take a look at 10 of our favourite ways to show your gratitude and say thank you below.

First and foremost, just acknowledge and say thank you.

While some might say Office Professionals day was created by flower companies to increase their sales, the history of it is quite interesting. Looking at the history of Office Professionals Day, you’ll see it’s not another excuse about gifting or booking in long boozy lunches, it’s about showing appreciation and thanking someone in your office who quite often has your back and who very rarely get rewarded or acknowledged within the business.

Merely acknowledging it and saying thank you is always a great way to show your appreciation – and best of all it’s free and makes them feel good!

Personalise it.

When it comes to gifting nothing shows appreciation more than personalising your gift.

If you work with someone who has your back every day, you should at some point chat about more than work and know a little bit about them.

Think about a recent non-work related conversation you’ve had and go from there.

Nothing says “thank you” better than a bunch of flowers.

Flowers are always a lovely gift and an excellent way to show your gratitude. They have the power to brighten anyone’s day.

The best way to personalise flowers is by knowing what their favourite flowers are. Once you know this, you can win anyone over.

(Don’t forget a small plant or orchid will last longer and make them smile all year long (that is of course if they can keep them alive!))

Take them to breakfast.

For the past few years, we’ve celebrated Office Professionals day with one lucky PA Pages competition winner at the Office Professionals Breakfast by Great Expectation, Speakers and Trainers.

This year we’re celebrating with them again along with this year’s winner at Howard Wharves in Brisbane. We’re excited to visit the venue for the first time and see Libby Moore who was Opera’s Chief of staff speak.

While taking your office professional to an event for breakfast is nice, even an outing and shouting them breakfast at the local coffee shop is a lovely way to celebrate all the wins you’ve had together.

Gift vouchers

Is there something your colleague dreams of or do you know if they are saving for something?

Gift vouchers are always a great way to personalise gifting money. It shows you listen to what they love and what they dream about. Best of all you can be assured you’re helping them to fulfil it.


Hampers are like flowers on steroids! The trick with personalising gift baskets is to make one yourself and fill it with bits and pieces they love.

Surprise them to a day of self-development

It might sound a bit boring but the struggle to get training for development and time off is real. If you need some help to find relevant events, take a look at some of the events coming up here and lock them in. Make it even more fun by booking into another state and include all flights, accommodation and meals.

I’ll be heading to the Clariden Global 7th Annual Australia National EA/PA Conference in Brisbane next week as well as the Executive Secretary Live event in July, so get in touch if you would like to receive special PA Pages discounts.

We’re also hosting our 2nd annual online summit so head on over to our website and register. So they make the most of the week you could ensure they have an entire day off to watch all the great sessions we will provide.

Shout them a day off work

There are always things we’d love to get done which requires time off work. A day off to do it, annual leave or sick day free is a great way to show appreciation! All you need to do here is commit to it and gift it to them in a beautiful little card.

Gift them an annual membership

Is there a group, network or subscription they always refer to? Gifting them a yearly fee to an organisation of their choice not only makes them feel valued but also benefits you too 😉

Stay out of their inbox.

Refraining from emailing tasks or questions could be a super hard one BUT if you save all your emails to draft you can send the following working day. If there’s something urgent take a stroll across the office and ask them.

Gifting a stress-free day without them even knowing is the ultimate way to show them you appreciate their efforts and not to mention I am sure you will soon see how much they really do support you.

What is your favourite gift to give? If you’re a fellow office professional what would you love to be gifted? Tell us in the comments below.

Wishing all our fellow Office Professionals a Happy Office Professionals day!!! We’d love to hear how you will celebrate so join us on Facebook here.

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