Step IN To Rediscover Your Motivation

Step IN To Rediscover Your Motivation

I always find January hard to get back into the swing of things. For the first few weeks when motivation is lacking, it can be hard to concentrate on the tasks at hand. Like me, do you find a way to constantly procrastinate?

Look for challenging work

Quite often when we know all there is to know about our job, it no longer challenges us. When this happens, it is time to seek out new and inspiring tasks, projects or jobs to keep interested and engaged.

Check in with your supervisor to see what opportunities and projects are available. Perhaps there is a project of interest you can take on board, even if only for a limited time, until your motivation returns. This is also a great way to learn new skills and build your portfolio.

Reassess your why

Sometimes we forget our motivations as to why we are doing something. Take a leaf from the millennials who are always seeking out fulfilling and rewarding work and are not afraid to leave one position for another if it benefits them.

Get back to basics and try to remember why and what is was that made you passionate about your job in the first place. Has your situation or position changed in any way? If your motivation or job has altered over time, then it’s time to act.

Take a break

This tip might not be the best one for those who have just returned to work after a break, but perhaps you are in pressing need of a holiday? Even a long weekend can boost your motivation levels and reinvigorate your spirit for the job.

Not having the motivation to carry out the job can really drain your energy and that of the people around you, so book that holiday before you change your mind. You (and your colleagues) will be glad you did. After some much-needed rest, you may find your motivation returning to normal levels.

Write a to-do list

This may seem like an odd thing to do, but ticking things off a list is a very gratifying task in itself. Physically looking at a handwritten list will remind you of how great you are in your position. It will improve your time management and allow you to seek out new challenges, time permitting. Don’t let your time go to waste any longer.

Learn a new skill

It is never too late to learn a new skill. Self Confident Women offers a myriad of courses ranging from critical thinking to conflict resolution. Learning is a great way to boost your confidence and will inspire you to try harder and put yourself forward for the next promotion.

Continuous learning will allow you to remain a valuable member of the team while increasing your marketability both inside and outside of your current firm.

Glenise Anderson

Glenise is the Director of SR Group and Self Confident Women. Her passion lies in increasing confidence and emotional intelligence levels of individuals and teams, creating higher productivity and happiness. She is a speaker, qualified Trainer, Advanced Consultant in Extended DISC, Coach & Mentor.


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