7 ways to manage stress

7 ways to manage stress

Did you know that stress is a choice? It’s not a state of being that we ‘catch’ from someone else, like a cold per se, but a conscious choice about how we react or experience something.

The Oxford Dictionary defines stress as

“a state of mental or emotional strain or tension resulting from adverse or demanding circumstances”

So how can we file stress away and start to experience an outstanding year?

Create a foundation

Creating a foundation of positive daily habits will enable you to become ‘grounded’ so that when the ‘storms’ come they’ll blow right past you and you are less likely to become swept up in them.

Daily exercising, reading, journaling, meditation and gratitude are all great habits to focus on.

Nourish yourself

Your body does a multitude of functions each day – breathing, pumping blood, repairing, moving, sleeping – so nourish it well with healthy food to keep it in a positive and healthy state. When your gut is happy, your mind is happy and things tend not to ‘rattle’ you as much.

Relinquish control

There are some things you can’t control – broken printer, traffic jams, sick staff. Focus on the things you can control and do them really well. For the things that are absolutely out of your control, accept them for what they are and move on quickly. There’s nothing you can do about them so don’t give them air time by talking about them or mind space by worrying about them. Move your attention to the next thing you can action.

Dress for happy

Dress for the mood you’d like to experience. When you dress for a date you feel sexy and romantic, so if you want to feel positive and happy at work then reflect that in your outfit for the day. Show your personality with a flower or fun scarf – whatever you are comfortable with. (it’s also a great conversation starter!)

Shoulders back, Chin Up

Studies show your physiology creates your psychology. Someone with low self-confidence stands with shoulders rounded, slouched, looking to the ground, speaking softly and generally closed body language. Stand up and tell the world you got this – shoulders back, chin up, smile and own it!

Spruce up your space

You spend a third of your day at your desk or office so make it an environment that you enjoy being in and provides you with inspiration. Photos of friends and loved ones, books you love, inspiring prints, funky pen holders and flowers are all easy ways to make your desk a place you enjoy being at (without needing an interior decorator consultation!)

Who would have thought Instagram would build such a huge following from the hashtag #deskgoals!!

Share love

Everyone you interact with is a human, all just trying to do the best they can with what they know. They may not communicate well or they struggle to meet timeframes. You have the ultimate position where you can be understanding, give them the love they might need and help inspire them to reduce stress. Connect on a human-to-human level rather than position-to-position and you may just get the outcomes you desire.

PA’s have such an influential role on the culture of businesses and choosing a culture of calmness, positivity, and care will greatly assist in productivity, results and longevity of employees.

Fiona Hurle

Fiona Hurle Coach | Trainer | Speaker | Author Mind Over Matter Consultants


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