How to Prepare for a Job Interview the Night Before The Big Day

How to Prepare for a Job Interview the Night Before The Big Day

Congratulations on getting that huge job interview. Now comes the hard part: how do you make sure they pick you out of all the other people they’ll be interviewing for the same job?

How do you make the most out of the night before your big job interview?

Well, first things first:

Make Sure to Get At Least 7 Hours of Uninterrupted Sleep

It’s no secret that both lack of sleep and too much sleep can cloud the brain in the morning, and sleep researchers might have found the explanation for why this happens.

By studying the brain’s electrical activity while unconscious, one group of scientists have found that the brain transfers long-term memory to the cortex during sleep. This allows your brain to better process new information so you can respond to unknown problems and challenges faster and more efficiently.

In short, the better you sleep, the sharper you’ll be tomorrow in your interview. Try your best to get at least 7 hours of uninterrupted sleep. Go home early and leave your evening schedule open for other pre-interview preparations.

Avoid Alcoholic Drinks

The pressure of going to that big interview is going to make you want to unwind. Do it at home and try your best to stay sober. Drinking will only stimulate your brain and keep you from getting deep sleep, which is when the brain does its best work of consolidating memories and getting rid of toxins.

Also, because it’s a diuretic, alcohol can interrupt your sleep by prompting your bladder to gather and release more body water. Not only will this prevent you from sleeping straight through the night, it might also result in a morning hangover, which is something that you definitely do not want to have on the day of a big job interview.

But if we’ve failed to convince you and you’re already reaching for that bottle of wine you’ve been eyeing for some time, at least do your best to curtail the hangover that might follow.

Prepare Your Clothes, Resume, Portfolio, and Everything Else You Need for the Interview

Come morning, you shouldn’t spend any unnecessary time picking out which clothes to wear. Your clothes should be clean, pressed, and ready before you even go to bed.

The same goes with everything else you need to bring with you to the interview. If you can, you should even prep your breakfast ahead of time. The less you need to do/prepare on the day of the interview itself, the better you can cover yourself in case you missed anything.

Additionally, there’s nothing quite as motivating as waking up with everything you need to survive the day all prepped and ready. It could provide the push you need to really nail this interview.

Review All the Information You Have About the Job

The last thing you should be looking at before turning off your laptop/phone should be the company’s website/social media profiles. It’s either that or whatever info you have about the job and/or the company. Make sure you know everything you can about what you’re getting yourself into.

Apart from making you a more competent interviewee, being prepared with the right info can also decrease your anxiety about the interview and let you get some much-needed sleep.

Determine Your Asking Salary

Ask your friends/acquaintances in the company about the job. Get some inside info on the standard salary for the particular job you’re applying for. If you can’t, then get your info elsewhere: find out the standard pay for similar positions in industry.

How much is your expected salary?

Having an appropriate and predetermined answer to that question is a sign of a professional. Make sure they know you mean business, but at the same time, be open to getting an offer that might be lower than you expected.

Know Where You’re Going and Plan Your Route

There’s nothing worse than being 100% prepared for an interview and then arriving an hour late because you got lost or caught in traffic.

Know exactly where you need to go for the interview. Find out exactly how you’re going to get there and how much time you’ll need. If possible, in the morning, get out of the house earlier than planned just so you don’t have to worry about traffic or anything else that could possibly delay you.

If you arrive at the interview an hour or so early, good – you’ve already made a good first impression. Use your free time to relax, read a book, or review your notes.

Now seriously, stop browsing the web, put down your phone/close your laptop, and try to get some sleep. You’ll need all the energy you can muster if you’re going to land that dream job.



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