How to Stay Healthy and Fit While Working Weird Hours

How to Stay Healthy and Fit While Working Weird Hours

When you work in an industry which is ever-changing and fast-paced, your work hours can’t really be fixed. Having to work weird hours makes your free time a lot less flexible, making it harder for you to lead an active life. Add a family with a couple of kids, your side projects, hanging out with your friends, and the days will just keep getting shorter.

It is very easy to lose sight of your health with this amount of obligations in your life. At first, you tell yourself that you can pull it off because you’re young and strong, and nothing can change that. Unfortunately, that’s not true. That bad food you eat between meetings and on the run affects you more than you think. Yes, it does save you time and is convenient, but the negative effects of junk food are numerous. Before you know it, you feel old in your 30s and have gained 20 pounds in the blink of an eye.

The Importance of Diet

Remember that your diet is responsible for 80% of your health. This means that you really need to take care of yourself while at work, but don’t need to go crazy if you’ve missed a post-work exercise session. However, we realize that sometimes the only thing available late at night is fast food, so becoming a master of preparation is a must.

Do you really don’t have time to prepare your meals? Or it just isn’t a priority for you? On your first night off, buy some chicken breast, cook all of it on a tray in the oven, put them in separate bags and throw them in the fridge. Get some sweet potatoes and microwave them. Purchase a few fresh bags of frozen vegetables and keep them in the fridge in your workplace. Instead of chicken, get beef, pork, or salmon. Combine the ingredients, chop them up and make a salad, or whatever you like. Once you start putting effort into preparing food, you’ll find your rhythm.

Calories: the Good, the Bad, and the Empty

Bad liquid calories. People get caught up in the bad liquid calorie trap when they’re exhausted, hungry, bored, or struggle with time management. What they usually turn to is caffeine, which has a lot of positive effects. It’s the bad liquid calories that are the devil – lattes, energy drinks, and sodas contain more than 50g of sugar and hundreds of calories. If you need your caffeine fix, get it from green tea or black coffee.

Good liquid calories. Make yourself a smoothie if you need a meal, but don’t have any time for it. Smoothies are very healthy meal options, especially if you’re late for work or wake up late at night. Check out a few healthy smoothie recipes, stock some fruits and vegetables in the freezer, get a blender, and you’re ready to mix.

Empty calories. If you’re going to eat snacks on the job, make sure you get snacks that are healthy. Overeating problems are caused by constant snacking out of boredom, or you’ve simply created a habit to eat something every 15 seconds. Eat only when it’s the only thing you are going to do.

Strength Training

After nutrition, the last 10-20% of the equation is physical training. How? Be smart with managing your time. If you have time to go to the gym, focus on pull ups, overhead presses, deadlifts and squats. If not, then you can perform a strength workout routine at home. No other type of exercise can give you as much results like strength training, even with limited time. Perform it before work, if you’re too exhausted to exercise afterwards. Even if 20 minutes is all you have, believe that it all counts and builds up. Two strength trainings per week, in combination with walks or cycling and proper eating is more than enough to get you results. Make sure that you wear bike reflective tape if you like to cycle at night. The best solution is to ride it to work – it’s a great means of transportation, it’s ‘green’, and a cardio training at the same time.

Always stay active. If you sit around all day at work, get up every 15 minutes to do some push ups, stretch, or walk around. Your brain works faster when you are on the move, and you are consistently reminding yourself that you are active and healthy, which helps with bringing further healthier decision. At work, you’ll be more alert and smarter. When it comes to health, take an active role. It’s the only way to be victorious.


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