How to plan, organise and execute a corporate event with ease

How to plan, organise and execute a corporate event with ease

Organising corporate events can be daunting! From trying to impress your boss, liaise with important clients to keeping everyone happy, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed. A great corporate event planner is efficient, creative and most importantly organised! This is your go-to event checklist for your corporate event management. Whether it’s a casual office celebration, or something on the fancier side, these are all the steps you will need to get ahead and plan for success.

1. Set your budget

Your first step is setting a realistic budget for the event. Don’t forget to include allocations for catering, equipment or staff hire, entertainment and venue pricing (if it is outside the office). Your budget will also depend on the size of your function and how many people are expected to attend. It’s always better to plan for more than less and have something to fall back on just in case.

2. Date, time and invitations

Get the memo out early! The sooner you know and can tell your guests the better. Giving everyone plenty of notice allows your attendees to prepare, RSVP and let you know their dietary requirements before you place a large catering order.

3. Decide on your objectives

What is the goal or the reason behind your event? Is it to provide a networking opportunity? Or to educate your guests? Or just encourage some good old team bonding? Whatever the reason, it’s important your goals are reflected throughout the whole function. From the food, theme, activities and even down to the venue; consider your goals at every organisational hurdle.

4. Location, location, location!

The venue can play a vital role in any corporate event. If it’s just your team attending, your office will be fine. But, if you’re looking to impress a customer or client, you may be in the market for other options. Look into hotel function or conference rooms, external spaces or even outdoors if you’ve decided on a summer BBQ. Consider all your goals, guests need’s and the purpose of the event when deciding on your perfect venue.

5. Corporate catering

Now for the fun part, the food! There are endless delicious options you have when it comes to catering for a corporate event. Whether you want some gourmet grazing tables and canapes, or a sit down 3 course meal, calling in a corporate catering company is your best bet here. They will take care of the hard stuff and give you the perfect food solution, sure to impress everyone.
Using the skills of a corporate catering company also opens the scope of delicious catering menus available to you and link you with staff and equipment hire. If it’s an evening affair, why not hire a mixologist to serve signature cocktails? Or if you’re an early riser, treat your guests to a high tea experience. The world is your oyster… literally.

6. Activities

If you’re planning on including activities as part of the fun, you’ll need to prepare early! Let people know when you invite them so they are aware and can dress accordingly or bring anything they might need. It’s important to consider the objectives of the event when thinking of activities to include. Whether it’s to encourage team bonding, or a networking function, all activities should compliment your goal. If it’s appropriate, don’t be afraid to have fun with it! Organise a fun office trivia for your team, or a corporate golf tournament for your top clients. Whatever the event, activities are a great way to bring people together and get the ball rolling.

Event planning doesn’t have to be a daunting task! If you are clear about what you want, efficient and effective in taking the right steps, you are set for a smooth organising process. Armed with this checklist, you can organise any event your office needs. You’ve got this!

Author: Order-In
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