How to Know Whether Sleep Dentistry Melbourne is Right For You?

How to Know Whether Sleep Dentistry Melbourne is Right For You?

The term ‘Sleep Dentistry’ is not unknown to anyone as most of the people opt for this whenever they need dental treatment. Just like this term, the fact that many people get scared at the thought of being at a dentist’s office is also not unknown.

In your lifetime, you must have seen at least one person who becomes nervous after hearing the words ‘dental visit’, ‘dental appointment’ or ‘dentist’. It’s also highly possible that ‘you’ are that person. This fear or nervousness is known as dental anxiety or dental phobia, which is a common phenomenon.

Therefore, sleep dentistry Melbourne is considered as a boon for patients who refrain from receiving dental treatments due to their fear. Don’t worry! The dentist doesn’t sleep while performing the treatment (Bad joke, we know!). Sleep dentistry involves making the patient go into the state of sleep before the procedure. In simple words, the patient is made unconscious through the use of general anaesthesia.

What exactly is Sleep Dentistry?

Sleep dentistry means using the general anaesthesia to put the patient to sleep before the beginning of the treatment procedure. Dentists use sleep dentistry to perform complex or invasive procedures, for example, placement of dental implants or root canal treatment.

However, dentists can opt to use sleep dentistry for carrying out simple and non-invasive procedures as well depending on the preference of the patient. In both cases, the dentist informs the patient about the implications, recovery time, and possible risks of sleep dentistry.

Why is Sleep Dentistry Required?

Dentists practising varied branches of dentistry as well as oral surgeons use sleep dentistry for treating patients who suffer from dental phobia. As patients will remain unconscious throughout the procedure, they stay unaware of what’s happening around them. They can’t see or feel anything, and thus, the dentist can complete the procedure smoothly.

Along with phobic patients, sleep dentistry is also beneficial in the case of patients who want to experience comfort during the treatment. Some patients choose to receive the treatment under the effect of anaesthesia to avoid seeing the events happening around them.

Sleep dentistry is extremely useful while carrying out complicated or time-consuming procedures. Some patients have a hypersensitive gag reflex. For those patients, sleep dentistry can work wonders. The fact that out of all the people, children get terrified the most while thinking about dentists or dental visits, is not surprising at all. While some brave children do visit the dental clinic, they can’t sit still for a prolonged duration. Therefore, sleep dentistry becomes a must for children.

What does Sedation Dentistry Mean?

More often than not, people get confused between ‘sleep dentistry’ and ‘sedation dentistry’. So, it’s important to discuss sedation dentistry here. When you feel the need to remain unconscious while going through any dental treatment, you should discuss both these options with your dentist or oral surgeon during the initial consultation.

Sedation dentistry involves the use of sedatives to make the patient go into a sedated state. The patients don’t become completely unconscious. They remain partially awake, and thus, are able to communicate with the dentist in between the procedure.

Dentists have various options for using sedating the patients, for example, oral medications, nitrous oxide gas (which is also known as laughing gas), and intravenous medications. Irrespective of the method used for sedation, patients feel relaxed, which in turn helps the dentist in completing the treatment properly.


Whether you are a right candidate for sleep dentistry or not depends on many factors, including but not limited, the extent of your fear of dentists, your medical history, type of treatment, and time required for the procedure. So, you should share your medical history and dental records with the dentist in Melbourne during the consultation.

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