How to Future-Proof Your Career: Part Two

How to Future-Proof Your Career: Part Two

Change in technology and our roles are going to come, that much we know for certain. However, being prepared for this change and adapting our roles to incorporate is the only real way you can protect and manage your career.

In part one of How to Future-Proof Your Career, we talked about the importance of such issues as understanding yourself, knowing what you want and recognising your value. These three areas will give you much insight into how you can learn and grow to take advantage of your unique skill set and talents.

Today, we are going to tackle subjects such as technology, branding, respect and coaching to remove some of the fear and apprehension you may be feeling about your career and the future of your particular industry.

  1. Embrace technology and AI

With continuous advancements in technology, there’s no more important time than now to accept the change and move with the times. Unfortunately, no industry or field is immune to layoffs or retrenchments. In February 2018, NAB has to cut 6,000 jobs over 5 years – one in every five staff members – as automation and software could perform many of the tasks that staff had been doing prior to the development. In saying this they will have 2,000 jobs that will be created as the outcome of technology changes. While we often think that the technological world exists far into the future, the truth of the matter is that these changes are happening today and the need to adapt is more important than ever.

Being able to embrace technology is all about acceptance of the future, and the reality is that many people will be displaced. Will it happen to you? As an EA, PA or VA, your skills are much sought after. While approximately 39% of a personal assistant job is susceptible to automation, it just means that you may have to learn and develop more skills to keep up with the growing and ever-thriving industry. While some of your tasks may be easily automated more than others, consider what additional services you could offer in their place if you had the added time.

Is there technology that you could embrace to add extra security to your position? Or even added ability to position yourself to be an associate instead of the assistant?

  1. Ensure your online profiles reflect your personal brand

Your online profiles should reflect your personal brand – your truth, your goals, your accomplishments, your aims and everything in between. While you may find that you have built up quite a collection of online profiles over the years, it is worthwhile going back through them to ensure that all are representative of your current personal brand. Perhaps something has changed and you have yet to update your new goals. Perhaps you are seeking an alternative role and your profiles don’t represent your new change in direction.

Whatever it is, make sure that all your profiles reflect your personal brand as of today. If you aren’t sure where to start, do a quick Google search of your name. Now check all the links and update your profiles. You want a consistent image across all your online profiles – and a professional one at that!

Look at yourself from an employer’s point of view; what is it they may wish to see? Think about how you can add more relevance. Keep it professional and always think about the overall message you are trying to convey.

  1. Keep trusted and respected associates close by your side

While you are getting, yourself established, and even long after you are, it is important that you only associate with those who you trust and respect, and who have your back 100% of the time. Your reputation, online and offline is everything, and you need to know that you have the support of your friends and colleagues through thick and thin.

You will have undoubtedly heard the saying, it’s not what you know, it’s who you know, and the same applies here. You never know when you can benefit from the advice and wisdom your friends and associates can offer. You may be surprised to discover who will be able to help you when an issue arises.

Keep in mind this saying when you have doubt, “You are only as good as the company you keep.” Your choice of associates will speak volumes about your values, your desires and your goals.

Associating with people who strive to work hard and who are always positive will do your career and your attitude good. Positivity can make you successful and happy; after all, isn’t that the aim of the game at the end of the day?

  1. Get yourself a mentor or coach

A mentor or coach can really benefit your career to guarantee that you are fully operating in the present with a firm eye on the future. Whether you opt for coaching – short-term growth implications, or mentoring – more of a long-term development path, is dependent on what you want to learn and what your main goals are. A coach is more likely to cover generic skills while a mentor will help you with situations that relate particularly to your circumstances. Both will tell you not what you want to hear, but rather, what you should hear; so, be prepared to do the hard work that accompanies the learning curve.

Both mentoring and coaching will help you realise your vision and make you accountable for any hard work that needs to be done to propel your career forward. Remember, there are no shortcuts to success, however, coaching or mentoring can help you avoid any problems or struggles that you might otherwise encounter if you hadn’t sought out professional advice. Learning from others who have made mistakes in the past and can guide you around any trouble spots can save you a lot of time and heartache.

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