The Little Things That Help Your Executive

The Little Things That Help Your Executive

One of the best things about a job as a PA/EA or even a VA is that you don’t have to do much to impact someone in a positive way. So think about it! That means that when you do a lot of little things during the course of a day to help someone else, i.e. your boss, then their day will be sweeter because of it.

Here are a few little tricks of the trade that will help your boss maintain energy and presence, even if they don’t completely realise it themselves.

Avoid arranging back to back meetings

You know yourself that in times where focus is needed, taking the time to take a breather, eat a sandwich, phone home or read over notes before the next appointment helps you to maintain energy and presence.

In saying this, remember to schedule time between meetings for your boss for a refresh or in case something urgent comes up that needs to be dealt with.

Sync calendars regularly

With multiple devices syncing on both ends, it is important that all devices are synced with one another and that all changes made to your boss’s calendar are being communicated. You don’t want to learn the hard way by having them miss an important meeting. Always be one step ahead!

Encourage great timekeeping

Meetings can overrun – a lot! Therefore it is important to convey to your boss that their meetings are coming to an end and it may be time to start wrapping up.

A small, pre-arranged signal should do it, and while it may seem silly, it is much easier than having to reschedule other meetings because one appointment overran.

Confirm attendee arrival

It is always pertinent to ensure that whoever your boss may be meeting today, is actually turning up. It might just be a quick email or a telephone call, but it saves embarrassment if they have forgotten about it.

Always remain calm

Even in a worse case situation, you must stay calm. Your boss does not want to deal with someone who is running around the office in a mad panic! Take a deep breath and handle the situation as confidently as you can. Stay focused and be the rock of support your boss needs.

Block out time in calendar

Your boss is ultimately a busy individual and may need to block out time to fulfill all the duties in an executive schedule. If you know something needs to be done, then block out time so they can respond to emails, sign checks or read over a draft report.

Anticipate lunch needs

Keep a list of favourite restaurants and cafes handy, so you can book or order lunch in an instant without having to hunt around for it. It is best to be prepared, especially if there are meetings scheduled close to lunchtime.

Ask for clarification

This may seem counterintuitive, but to make life easy for your boss, you need to make sure you understand everything. Asking intelligent questions will save future interruptions and make sure you get it right the first time.

The longer you work with your boss, the better you will understand what they need even before they do.

While you cannot be expected to be a mind reader (although on most occasions it may feel like it), you must be able to prepare for any event. Keep them on the straight and narrow as much as you can in terms of time keeping and attendance; remember, your job will be easier because of it!

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