A guide to working with others (Part Two)

A guide to working with others (Part Two)

Is your boss outgoing, thinks and loves to focus on the big picture? Do they ooze charisma and seem to be able to work a room and by the end of it knows absolutely EVERYONE!?

Chances are your boss is an I (Influential) type person on the DISC profiling system. In yesterday’s post, I wrote about what DISC is and the things you can do when working with a D boss or colleague.

While “I” bosses are most of the time fabulous to work with, sometimes their big picture ideas are hard to wrangle and they do need to be bought back a step so that you can support and help to implement it.

How an, “I” boss works and thinks

The major trait that stands out about someone with an “I” personality is their energetic enthusiasm. An “I” Boss seeks to achieve the results they desire through the use of persuasion and by influencing the attitudes and actions of others. In working with an “I”  boss, it’s likely that you will notice that your boss tends to be upbeat, outgoing and very talkative.

“I”  bosses are also typically very charming. They are often described as warm, charismatic, and convincing. They are motivated by the need to build relationships and achieve social acceptance and approval, and they seek both authority and recognition. They value collaboration, optimism, and action.

Bosses with an “I”  personality tend to lead by one of three leadership styles:

Does this sound like your boss or someone you know?

What makes them tick?

While a boss with an “I”  personality has great skill as a motivator, facilitator and natural connector that encourages team members to work together as a cohesive unit to achieve goals, they tend to be disorganised or rather more focused on the big picture.

“I” bosses can be so enthusiastic that it clouds their judgement. They may act impulsively and not think things completely through before taking action and make decisions based on how someone makes them feel, rather than thoroughly analysing a situation and pouring over the details.

Should their enthusiasm begin to lag about a person or project, they can have difficulty with completing tasks and following through.

How you can make your job easier

Meeting new people and building relationships are important to an “I”  boss. The best thing that you can do to make your job easier is to focus on building a spirit of camaraderie, mutual respect and rapport with them. Look for opportunities to talk with your “I”  boss, making an effort to ensure that you are open, cordial, and willing to share information with them about your personal experiences and who you are as a person.

Avoid backing your “I”  boss into a corner during conversations, especially in meetings with others in attendance. Their fear of a loss of social standing in such a public way can ensure a negative outcome of any discussion should they come to feel embarrassed by anything that you have said.

Because “I” Bosses are big picture people, they need you to help them make the right decisions by showing them the realistic side of things. For example, if they see a shiny new website they like and decide it’s time to update the company website they have no idea on how long, how much or what is involved in the process. This is where you need to activate your project skills and create the plan so that their expectations and big picture idea are implemented and ideas exceed their expectations.

Create the plan for their big idea and they will LOVE you for it.

How to approach difficult conversations

While communication is at the forefront for many “I”  bosses, there are times when you may need to discuss difficult subjects with them or deliver disappointing news. This can be awkward and challenging since “I”  bosses tend to be so upbeat and positive all of the time and can really resent what they feel are negative attitudes.

The best way to handle a discussion about a tough subject is to remain focused on positive aspects of whatever subject you happen to be talking about at the time. Identify the silver lining when you speak about obstacles your team needs to overcome, and avoid focusing too much on negative aspects, or dragging the conversation down with too many details. Always allow your “I”  boss time to speak, and whatever you do, do not interrupt them.

It doesn’t matter what end of the DISC spectrum your boss sits on it’s always better to approach a negative with two or three options to rectify so that they can choose the one they prefer.

How to win them over

Here are a few tips to help you persuade an “I” type boss.

  1. Bosses with an “I” type personality dislike negativity, so always be certain to explain things in the most positive way possible. If you need to deliver bad news, try the sandwich approach of pointing out one or two good things before you give the bad news. Then follow this up with how the bad situation can be turned around.
  2. “I” type bosses hate being ignored, so make a point to include your boss in your planning when working on a project, and give them credit for their support.
  3. “I” bosses crave attention and authority, so avoid taking actions that could bring embarrassment to your boss. Don’t interrupt them and be certain to include them in all work-related social gatherings.

How you can discover your Own D I S C profile

Learning about your own D I S C personality can help you learn more about what motivates you and how you interact with others, and the world around you. This insight can help you to improve your connections with others and strengthen the bonds that you have between yourself and your team.

Take the test here?

What letter are you?

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