Get back on track with your fitness goals

Get back on track with your fitness goals

So, we’re almost half-way through the year.  Thinking back to those New Year’s resolutions – how are you doing?

Even with the best intentions in the world, it’s hard to make a new lifestyle change really become part of our everyday routine.  Sometimes, life just gets in the way.

The good news is, it’s not too late!

Don’t think of the last few months as wasted time – think of it more as a halfway stage to becoming a new you.  The first half of the year was a trial run.  Now it’s on to the main event!

Here’s our guide to making lifestyle changes and really making them stick.

Decide What You Want To Achieve

We know that goals are much more likely to become reality when they are achievable, realistic and we are able to monitor progress.  So before you dive in, decide what you really want to accomplish.

The first step towards success is to identify exactly what YOU really want in YOUR life.

Whether you want to feel generally fitter or you want to attain your lifetime dream of running a marathon – both of these are fantastic ambitions to have, but they require completely different approaches and timescales.

What you want to achieve will dictate your approach to the changes you want to make.

Be Specific

The more specific your goals are, the more likely you are to achieve them.

A goal of “I want to be fitter”, while admirable, is not specific, and doesn’t give you any parameters to stick to.

A better goal would be:

“I want to attend three exercise classes every week”.

If you miss some classes, you know for sure you’re struggling to stay on track, and you are clear about what you need to do to get back on course.

Choose Activities You Enjoy

Sticking to any plan is instantly easier if you enjoy what you do.  Anything that we find a chore will give us opportunities to find reasons why other things in life are more important.

There is a huge variety of different physical activities which can help you to achieve your fitness goals.  So if the reason you didn’t stick to your fitness goals at the start of the year is that you didn’t enjoy running, or you didn’t feel comfortable working out in a particular gym, change it up.

Team sports are great for motivation and to expand your social circle.  Many people find running much more enjoyable when they listen to music.

Make a Plan and Review It

Once you have decided your specific goals and identified activities you enjoy, use this information to make a specific plan.

Do some research to identify the best types of activities you need to do to make your goals a reality – a thirty minute swim twice a week, while a great activity, is not the best training for hill-walking.

Decide how often you are going to exercise, and how much time you have available.  Then – and this is vital – write it down.

Plan out week by week what you will do, and tick it off when it’s done.  Reviewing your completed plan will boost motivation and make it more likely you will achieve your goal.

Integrate Exercise into Your Daily Routine

If one of your goals is to improve your core strength, yoga and pilates are not the only ways to achieve this.

There are lots of muscle control exercises you can do while sitting at your office desk, waiting for the kettle to boil or waiting to collect the children from school.

In addition, the more we integrate exercise into our normal daily routine, the more likely we are to keep going.  It is absolutely possible to make small changes to our lifestyle that don’t take up extra time and get great results.

Get Everyone Involved!

Consider involving the whole family in an activity together and make your goal about increasing the fitness of your whole family rather than focusing on you.

This increases the fun factor and scientific research has proven that increased family interaction improves quality of life (source).

Final Thoughts

Whatever you want to achieve, there’s little point in berating yourself for past failures.  Be positive, believe in yourself and look ahead.

Make a clear plan and be specific about what you want to achieve.

Anything – and everything – is possible!


Helen Sanders is chief editor at Established in 2012, Health Ambition has grown rapidly in recent years. Our goal is to provide easy-to-understand health and nutrition advice that makes a real impact. We pride ourselves on making sure our actionable advice can be followed by regular people with busy lives.

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