Clariden Global is hosting the 8th Annual Australia National EA/PA Conference taking place in Sydney (1 – 3 April), Melbourne (15 – 17 April) and Perth (21 – 23 April). The conference consists of 2 days main conference speaker sessions followed by a 3rd day of workshops on Time Management & Digital Productivity and Work Life Balance & Mindfulness.

We have gathered 30+ Award-Winning speakers and certified experts including Candice Golding (2019 Bronze Award Winner, Rising Star Award & 2018 Runner Up, Up & Coming PA of the Year), Sarah Breheny (2018 & 2019 Runner-Up Best Organised Event by PA), Natalie Sands (Winner of Up & Coming PA of the Year 2017) and Megan Green (Australian EA of the Year 2016). These influential speakers will give you insights on modern EA/PA solutions and technologies that address key challenges, as well as their success stories and knowledge gleaned. This is an exciting opportunity for you to improve on the necessary skills and leverage on the resources available to be a successful EA/PA and further your career development.

Join us this April/May and register for the conference before 11 March to be eligible for an early bird discount of up to AU$100. We hope to welcome you at the conference and celebrate Administrative Professionals’ Day 2019 by thanking you for your contributions.

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PA Pages members are entitled to 5% discount. [Discount code:  L20004.5.6_PAPAGES_AU]

The 2nd PA Pages Annual Online Summit might now be finished however, incase you missed one of the valuable sessions, you can still upgrade your access for $147 AUD at any time for the next 12 months simply by clicking on the button below.

  1. Carolina Caro – Communicate with Each Person in their Style – 2. The 12 essential elements of an office professionals
  2. Kylie Chown – 12 LinkedIn Essentials
  3. David Jenkins – Project Management 101
  4. Mel M Andre – You have what it takes. Overcoming fear, failure, adversity and obstacles.
  5. Johnnie Lloyd – Transformational Development: Productivity – People – Profitability
  6. Michael Sherlock – Listen. Learn. Lead
  7. Rafael Ayala – Positive attitude towards transformation. Breaking the resistance to change
  8. Gleb Tsipursky – Outstanding Leadership Through Social Intelligence
  9. Michael Sherlock – Shock Your Potential
  10. Paul Krismer – The serious business of positive emotions
  11. Treldon Layne – When you think with love, there is no room for hate
  12. Anahita Tonkin – How a Chief Happiness Office can change your workplace
  13. Barb Stuhlemmer – You Can’t Hire Them If You Don’t Know Them: Some Surprising Facts About The Generations
  14. Joe Hirsch – Feedforward, not Feedback: The Power of Performance Partnerships
  15. Rael Bricker – If culture really ate strategy for breakfast – What’s for dinner? Through the looking glass of the future of culture and the future of work.

Unlocking the vault also gives you access to the presentations supplied and the 2018 online summit!