Engaging your team with the local community

Engaging your team with the local community

There is more to life than just showing up to work going through the motions and then repeating it day in and day out.

The workplace is a “community” of people who have a common thread with a range of  “values and beliefs” and for those who have connected with the community through a workplace event, have seen an increase in work productivity, improved workplace relationships, and respect amongst the whole team.

Getting involved with community events is not only about doing something good for others, but they are also learning about each other in a different environment so that when they come back to the workplace, they are a lot more trusting of each other and work more cohesively as a team.

I have seen many businesses a constant challenge of engaging the team with the community comes down to one person to lead the team and in most cases, it falls at the feet of the Personal Assistant who is recognised in the business for “getting things done”.

There are those who are motivated purely by money at the end of each week, which is fine, however, I believe that there are those no matter their “generation”, when called upon to be part of a team to support and raise funds for charity whether it be local or nationally, they join in.  It is important though to understand that there will be some who will lead the charge and others who will support the event from the sidelines or just give a donation, as leaders, we need to accept that not everyone will be as passionate about the “cause” as we are so it is important to be aware that not everyone on the team wants to join in.

Whether it’s an egg and spoon race for the local school raising funds, giving blood or supporting a National Charity with a monetary donation, it can be a lot of fun while raising money for a well deserving cause.

Getting your team involved and supportive of the charity is important not only to raise more funds but also to make it a team effort that everyone is responsible for.  If the team are motivated by their charity efforts, for many they will help in some way, whether it’s wearing a T-Shirt on a special charity day, cooking the sausages at the Charity Relay or doing the walk.  Having the team aware can also get their friends and family excited that will further the cause across social media and conversations.

You can build a loyal base among local community groups, like sporting associations, by sponsoring your local cricket, netball or football club, especially the clubs your team members’ children belong to.

Here are some tips to getting your team on board:


  1. Sponsor and support local sporting clubs, especially those attended by team members or their families.
  1. Build your team through socially responsible and charitable events.
  1. Publicise, celebrate and share your efforts and achievements through social media and let your clients know.
  1. Make it an inter-company competition or within an industry to raise funds

It’s all about having fun, raising funds as well as connecting those in the company who may not always have an opportunity to work together.

If you work for a Charity or NFP or have a cause you need help to support, let the PA Pages community know by posting a comment below!





Michelle Pascoe

Michelle Pascoe is an international speaker, accredited trainer and assessor and author. She has an undeniable passion for the customer service industry, with a strong focus on mystery shopping and team motivation. With a proven track record and vast experience, Michelle specialises in every aspect of service operations and processes - looking holistically at the overall impact on the customer experience. In 1994 Michelle founded one of Australia’s most respected training companies, Optimum Operating Procedures and Services (OOPS). Her experience since then has led to a diverse skill set and range of experiences, with her current expertise providing knowledge in mystery shopping, service benchmarking, surveys and focus groups, competitor audits, staff training and leadership development. In Michelle’s primary role as a speaker and accredited trainer and assessor, Michelle combines her extensive experience and specialised knowledge with an absolute commitment to igniting the potential in each and every individual, so they can achieve outstanding results. Program participants from various industries such as hospitality, Government and professional services sectors, walk away from her presentations feeling inspired, educated and equipped to deliver outstanding service experiences. Michelle recently co-authored the book - The VIP Principle – Discover How Guest Experiences Drive Long Term Growth, as a way of educating readers on the power of VIP customer service for the 21st century customer. From employing over 80 staff to working with multi million dollar clients, Michelle continues to spread her wisdom and inspiration across the globe. She passionately coaches the leaders of tomorrow, and truly believes in the potential inside every individual. Michelle’s belief is that no matter what industry you are in, service is the key point of difference in creating an essential human connection, and most importantly, life-long loyal customers.


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