Dressing for a Queensland Autumn: Five Style Tips

Dressing for a Queensland Autumn: Five Style Tips

Summer has finally drawn to a close, and with it the scorching hot weather we’ve been experiencing lately. Although sunny Queensland isn’t exactly known for its cold winters, the cooling climate still allows us the perfect excuse to crack open our winter wardrobes and start reaching for those jackets you’ve been dying to wear. If you’re feeling a little weary on how to navigate a Queensland Autumn, below are five simple style tips that you can easily adapt to any wardrobe!

#1 Layering

The age-old trend of layering. It’s one of the most crucial fashion trends as the cooler seasons roll around. If you’re a fan of dresses, start adding some shirts underneath or a statement jacket over them for a warmer outfit.


#2 Prints and Patterns

When the weather starts to cool down, our motivation to put together an outfit starts to drop as well. We want to stay in bed longer, to enjoy the warmth as long as we can. But prints and patterns are a great way to make it look as if you’ve put a whole lot more effort into your outfit than you actually have.


#3 Winter Boots

It’s a given that boots are a winter staple, but they are making a serious statement in the fashion world right now. From printed boots to heeled boots, you can never have enough with these comfortable shoes.

#4 Pops of Color

This ties in with prints and patterns, but adding a pop of color to your Autumn wardrobe can make a huge difference. Outerwear usually comes in darker colors, but try looking for some statement trousers or even a colored jacket!


# It’s all in the Accessories

Earrings, necklaces, rings galore! Adding accessories to a cooler outfit can add another element to an otherwise drab outfit.


Kataia Stephen is a busy styling student and blogger, juggling three days a week of study with work, blogging and internships. In between her studies, she interns for Brisbane Fashion Month and Laura Churchill. While writing is her strong suite, her passion lies in fashion styling, particularly in commercial and editorial work.

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