Creating a healthy environment in the modern workplace

Creating a healthy environment in the modern workplace

As a PA (personal assistant) or an EA (executive assistant) here in Australia, your role in the office is generally a bit of everything. In a country where we are all quite relaxed as people, it can be challenging to switch into work mode easily and without much (if any) incident. It goes without saying that the modern workplace is changing all the time. Regardless of where you work, if you work for an online reputation management company or a publishing house in Sydney, the point is always the same that the modern workplace can be an ever-evolving place to work in.

So, how can you create a healthy environment in the office in ways that can be consistently met and even exceeded? As a PA, it can feel like you are juggling the general well being of the office (you certainly are of the individual that you are an assistant to), so here are some pieces of advice when it comes to instilling a healthy environment in the office.

Ensure that you are on top of basic duties

Obviously, the biggest moving piece here is ensuring that you are on top of your basic duties as a PA or EA. More than anything else, your job is important. Staying on top and even ahead of your tasks throughout the work week means that you are ensuring that if there is any chaos in the office, you are not a part of it at all. In fact, if anything, you are someone who avoids all the drama and ensures that you are always part of the solution and not a part of the problem. Outside of your job, however, there are other ways you can make a difference to the overall atmosphere and feel of the office.

Going above the norm to brighten someone’s day

Whether it is bringing them a coffee or a tea just to be kind, or assisting someone with some printing when you have completed your work load for the time being, going above the norm to brighten someone’s day (even if it is not your immediate boss) will genuinely make a difference in the general feel of the office. You will notice that people smile more, and you will feel better about yourself. No one will ever be able to make you feel bad for trying to assist other people by making their day easier, and that is your power.

Being kind to everyone, even if the kindness is not returned

Sometimes, people are just having a bad day. When this happens, and they snap at you, it can be easy to fall into the pattern of snapping back. This is natural and understandable, but more than anything it makes a difference to just be nice, even if the kindness is not returned. You cannot control how other people in the office act, but you can control your own actions and your responses to the actions of others. This way, you ensure that you are doing what you can to create a healthy office environment.

Author: Anton Lucanas


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