Could Melbourne Cup help your corporate culture?

Could Melbourne Cup help your corporate culture?

The race that stops the nation… except if you have to work.

Melbourne Cup is one of the biggest days in Australia and most of us still have to head into the office (unless you’re in Victoria and are blessed with a public holiday). Just because we’ve got to head into work, doesn’t mean we have to miss out on the fun. Office parties in general lead to increased morale, loyalty to the company and a boost in motivation.

Melbourne Cup is an excellent opportunity to organise some invaluable team bonding, impress your boss and importantly, have some fun. Here are three of the best reasons why you should consider celebrating Melbourne Cup in your office.

  1. Team bonding

Melbourne Cup is the best time to get your team together, in a relaxed setting, all while enjoying some delicious catering and bubbly. Holding office parties is one the most effective ways to boost morale and cement positive working relationships. It doesn’t have to break the bank either but putting in the effort to bring the team together is well worth it.

  1. Impressing your boss

Melbourne Cup is the perfect excuse to flex your corporate event muscles, without the pressure of finding your own occasion. You have a timetable for the day already laid out, with lunch and the race. Plus, you can focus your entertainment options around the theme of the race itself (we have listed some fun ideas below). Take the moment to show your boss how capable you are, how fun you can make an event and how important they can be for company culture.

  1. Letting your hair down

Sometimes corporate life is tough, and everybody just needs a day to relax a little bit and let their hair down. It’s nearing the end of the year, the weather is warming up and now is the time people begin to feel restless. Break up the usual routine with something fun like Melbourne Cup to give everyone the final push of encouragement to reach the end of the year with strength!

What to do for Melbourne Cup

Just like any corporate event, Melbourne Cup requires some preparation, so now is the perfect time to begin. From entertainment, to catering ideas, here are some fun ways your own office can take part in for the Cup.

Cater your own luncheon

Ordering corporate catering is a must for any Melbourne Cup celebration. Whether you opt for classic grazing tables, gourmet antipasto platters or a chicken roast lunch, or something more unique like healthy Vietnamese or spicy Mexican catering, there’s something for every kind of office.

It is up to you if you want to serve alcohol at your event, but a corporate catering company can offer hassle free alcohol deliveries, so you don’t need to take a trip down to the bottle-o and lug it all up the elevator.

Organise a best dressed competition

Just because you’re not on the field, doesn’t mean you can’t embrace the fashion! Get everyone to adorn their best dress, hat and ties and give out prizes for those who are best dressed. This is a fun way to get everyone involved, loosened up and set the tone for a fun team bonding day.

Organise office sweeps

Holding an office sweep is an easy and effective entertainment for Melbourne Cup! Everyone is going to be watching the race anyway, right? If you’re not sure how to organise a sweep, don’t stress. We have it covered here.

Melbourne Cup trivia

If your office isn’t into gambling, this is an excellent alternative to office sweeps! Grab some fun facts, split your colleagues into groups and hold a pub-style trivia.

Desk decorating competition

In the lead up to the big race, encourage each department to decorate their work area and desk! Gather up a panel of judges, and get some prizes for first, second and third.

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