Why confidence is important for a new relationship of any kind

Why confidence is important for a new relationship of any kind

“Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t, you’re right.” ― Henry Ford

In business and life in general, the beginning of every new relationship requires hard work, faith, willpower and a bucketful of self-confidence on top. Self-assurance is the key to success across vocations and career levels: you need it from the interview and day one on the job to your third promotion or interdepartmental transfer. In romantic escapades and work alike, confidence (i.e. lack of) in the beginning of a new relationship can make the fine difference between success and failure for many reasons. Eager to find out just why assurance is a shortcut to triumph in and out of professional waters? Then you’d better check out the list below!

1. Confidence gets the ball rolling

Self-assured people are natural initiators: they take action even when the outcome is uncertain, and they don’t lose faith easily. When the road to glory gets tough, insecure players drop out of the game, and confident ones keep going ‘till they bring medals home. Creativity, initiative, and leadership spirit are all qualities employers highly value, and they’re also traits that go hand in hand with confidence.

2. Confidence commands respect

Have you ever seen a confident person dodge a challenge? Of course not. Self-assured people stand up for themselves, and their attitude in and out of the office naturally commands respect and obedience. For this reason, self-assured individuals usually climb the career ladder fast, and they are an inspiration and model for their coworkers. If you want to get behind that executive desk any time soon, you’d better work on your self image.

3. Confidence defeats obstacles

Obstacles are only normal part of business conduct and confident people treat them as room for growth rather than a nuisance. In addition to the courage to face and overcome challenges in all aspects of life, self-confident individuals constantly push their limits and test their endurance in order to grow and improve their skills and abilities. For this reason, confident people are seldom hazed by unanticipated developments and plot twists on the road to success. This can even translate to the never ending issue of in-office dating. Even if you’re dating a co-worker and don’t know how to approach the situation – do you tell your boss, do you keep it a secret – the best way is to do it confidently and own your opinion, whichever it might be.

4. Confidence promotes growth

Confident people simply won’t settle for mediocre results: they set the bar high and keep raising it every now and again because they swear by continual self-improvement and progress. For this reason, confident people excel as both goal-setters and goal-getters, and belief in expansion and growth is their guiding light. Unrelenting enthusiasm and persistence a self-assured job hopeful exudes is a trait that can beat hiring robots – and it’s also a quality most managers would gladly pay in gold.

5. Confidence conquers all fears

Fear is a progress slayer; in some cases, fear of failure or new beginnings can lead to a complete paralysis which can nip your career progress in the bud. Fortunately for confident people, self-assurance is the most efficient antidote to fear, which is why hiring experts look favorably on candidates whose attitude speaks “I’ve got what this company needs” loud and proud. To get to the top, you need to make the first step – and that’s precisely what confident people do every day.

6. Confidence is belief in victory

If you’re not sure how to win over the company’s HR inside a minute of the job interview there’s no need to panic just yet. All you need to do is don a dazzling smile and self-confident airs, and the object of your desire (i.e. your dream job or the hunk) will be yours for the taking. Confidence is a magnet that attracts positive outcomes, and it’s built from bullet-proof belief in positive outcomes against all odds.

Whether you’re looking to win the next round of beer pong or rise to the top corporate tiers, it’s your attitude that will make or break your success. To avoid detours and delays on your road to glory, you’ll need self-assurance by buckets. Still shying away from fresh starts and challenges? Then you’d better start working on shatterproof confidence right away; your future self will be grateful to you for the effort.

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Roxana is a lifestyle consultant from Sydney. She is also one of the editors at Higstylife Magazine. Roxana recently moved to Europe, loves to travel and write about her adventures. She is all about the healthy lifestyle, loves to run with her husband and dogs and has fun cooking exotic meals for her family. Her mantra is “every day is a new beginning”. You can find out more about her writing following her on twitter and facebook.


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