Colours to Wear for Power (Or At Least to Make You Feel More Confident!)

Colours to Wear for Power (Or At Least to Make You Feel More Confident!)

Did you know that there’s a whole science behind colours and how they affect the world around us? From associating green with nature and wealth to noticing red as being on familiar street signs, we are trained to subconsciously feel different emotions with each colour.

Ever notice that people pay more attention and even act differently when you’re sporting that red shirt? There’s a reason for that. You have the ability to feel more confident simply from the colours you’re wearing!

Understanding this and learning how to apply it to your wardrobe can actually influence how you are perceived.


If you wake up in the morning knowing you have that big presentation today at work, yet you’re not feeling on top of your game, red is the best colour to wear. You might not feel like sporting a statement colour, but red has been shown to be attention grabbing and assertive. Walk into that meeting rocking that red dress and you’ll have all eyes on you!


Blue is the best colour for establishing trust and credibility, which is important not only in the workplace but in everyday life. Blue is viewed as a trustworthy colour, so if you’re needing to sign a deal or go for an interview somewhere, try adding some blue to your outfit.


Green is associated with nature, wealth, the go signal of a traffic light; it’s seen as a fresh and harmonious color. Wearing often make you feel more confident and can actually avoid conflict!

So next time you have an important meeting or need to feel more confident try wearing these colours to help you feel more confident.


Kataia Stephen is a busy styling student and blogger, juggling three days a week of study with work, blogging, and internships. In between her studies, she interns for Brisbane Fashion Month and Laura Churchill. While writing is her strong suit, her passion lies in fashion styling, particularly in commercial and editorial work.

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