The common mistake people make when negotiating workloads

An ever-increasing #workload is becoming all too common as it’s not always easy to explain why that expectation can’t be met.

This has become more frequent now more than ever with so many changes due to situations such as merging, restructuring & do downsizing caused by COVID.

So how do can you efficiently communicate that you need to revaluate your capacity with your boss?

Anneli shares her method >>


Step IN To Rediscover Your Motivation

Lack of motivation can have a serious effect on your positivity levels, not to mention, reduce your productivity. While it is something that can easily be disguised in the short term, if it’s not nipped it in the bud quickly, it will soon become evident to others that you aren’t pulling your weight. Before that happens, try these motivation tactics on for size. Trust me! You will be glad you did.


7 Tips for hot desking

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The 3 daily habits that will boost your energy

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Want Greater Work-Life Balance? You Need To Create A “Not-To-Do” List

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5 Unique Tips for Increasing the Productivity of Your Executive/s and Team

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Three things you can do to make your commute time work for you

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3 Things You Can Implement Right Now To Cut Your Time In Half

If you’re like me, some days when 5:00 pm rolls around, it feels like the surface of the never ending

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