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How to stay calm, reduce the panic and become your own lifesaver.


Who are the successful world leaders during the pandemic?

Originally posted on https://rowdymclean.com/who-are-the-successful-world-leaders-during-the-pandemic. Join us at the PA Pages 3rd Annual Online Summit for a session with Rowdy McLean


The common mistake people make when negotiating workloads

An ever-increasing #workload is becoming all too common as it’s not always easy to explain why that expectation can’t be met.

This has become more frequent now more than ever with so many changes due to situations such as merging, restructuring & do downsizing caused by COVID.

So how do can you efficiently communicate that you need to revaluate your capacity with your boss?

Anneli shares her method >>


How great leaders stay calm under pressure

Some of the prime roles of a leader are to ensure confidence, keep people calm and provide clear direction in


Your network will suffer – unless you invest in it

See the ideal 4 types of people you should have in your network >>


Relaunch your workspace safely and effectively- insights and best practices from OrderIn

Check out OrderIn's insights and best practices for what Office Managers should be considering when it's time to step back into the office. 


Creating a healthy environment in the modern workplace

As a PA (personal assistant) or an EA (executive assistant) here in Australia, your role in the office is generally a bit of everything. It goes without saying that the modern workplace is changing all the time. Regardless of where you work, the point is always the same that the modern workplace can be an ever-evolving place to work in. So, how can you create a healthy environment in the office in ways that can be consistently met and even exceeded? As a PA, it can feel like you are juggling the general well being of the office (you certainly are of the individual that you are an assistant to), so here are some sage pieces of advice when it comes to instilling a healthy environment in the office.


Happy Office Professionals Day! | Ten ways you can thank your admin team and assistant

Whether you’re a manager, fellow admin professional or team leader, it’s in your hands to make someone’s day. If you’re stuck for ideas, we’re here to help! Please take a look at 10 of our favourite ways to show your gratitude and say thank you below.


When $*!^ hits the fan. A guide to keeping your cool under pressure.

If you’ve ever experienced a crisis in the office then you will be able to relate to how all fellow office professionals in the Facebook and Instagram offices felt this morning.Tight chest, head swirling, feeling sick, what feels like a million phone calls and emails to answer. These are just some of the instant things that happen to us when something goes really wrong.Thing is, we’ve all been there right?Here’s our favourite tips for keeping your cool under pressure. Don’t forget to share yours in the comments below, because after all, we’re in this together!


A guide to working with others (Part Four)

In the last three post’s I have covered some tricks, I have learned and researched in order to work effectively