Does The Virtual World Mean the End of Corporate Attire.

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Embedding Goals In Our Mind

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Mindset and Business Success

If your future destiny begins with your thoughts… choose good ones, choose positive thoughts, feed your brain with good stuff, and surround yourself with people who will encourage you to do just that.>>


Business as Unusual

How to stay calm, reduce the panic and become your own lifesaver.


Who are the successful world leaders during the pandemic?

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Leverage the ‘hidden job market’

Did you 75-80% of jobs are not advertised?

We all know the phrase ‘it’s not what you know, it’s who you know’. You still of course need to have the relevant skills for the job, however, a fair amount of positions aren’t openly advertised.

Surprising word of mouth through networking and connections equates for a majority of position filling.

Find out how Sally Watson discovered this >>


The common mistake people make when negotiating workloads

An ever-increasing #workload is becoming all too common as it’s not always easy to explain why that expectation can’t be met.

This has become more frequent now more than ever with so many changes due to situations such as merging, restructuring & do downsizing caused by COVID.

So how do can you efficiently communicate that you need to revaluate your capacity with your boss?

Anneli shares her method >>


How great leaders stay calm under pressure

Some of the prime roles of a leader are to ensure confidence, keep people calm and provide clear direction in


Ingrid Bayer’s Personal Journey from EA to VA

I've been a VA since 2008, and it's a career I've loved from the word go. I thought I'd take a moment to share with you my personal journey – it's not something I share very often, but I think it's incredibly relevant to many people who come from the same situation I found myself in 11 years ago.

So… here goes!!!


What is Emotional Intelligence – Amy Jacobson explains

What is Emotional Intelligence – Amy Jacobson explains