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Check out OrderIn's insights and best practices for what Office Managers should be considering when it's time to step back into the office. 


Business Communication: How To Write A Compelling Email To Your Colleagues and Clients

It’s without a doubt email is certainly one of the most frequently used forms of communication in the workplace. For


How to Receive Criticism with Confidence

There is no denying that giving criticism can be difficult as you never quite know how somebody is going to


4 Steps for launching a successful career as a PA or EA

Are you thinking about changing your career to become a personal assistant (PA) or Executive Assistant (EA) or are you starting your career wondering what to do after you graduate from school? While there are many possible paths to becoming a PA or an EA, the following steps will give you a straightforward blueprint to launching a successful career:


Creating a healthy environment in the modern workplace

As a PA (personal assistant) or an EA (executive assistant) here in Australia, your role in the office is generally a bit of everything. It goes without saying that the modern workplace is changing all the time. Regardless of where you work, the point is always the same that the modern workplace can be an ever-evolving place to work in. So, how can you create a healthy environment in the office in ways that can be consistently met and even exceeded? As a PA, it can feel like you are juggling the general well being of the office (you certainly are of the individual that you are an assistant to), so here are some sage pieces of advice when it comes to instilling a healthy environment in the office.


Could Melbourne Cup help your corporate culture?

Melbourne Cup is an excellent opportunity to organise some invaluable team bonding, impress your boss and importantly, have some fun. Here are three of the best reasons why you should consider celebrating Melbourne Cup in your office.


Presentation tips to boost your confidence

There may come a time when you will need to speak in front of your team, your entire company or even outside of your organisation. Doing so can present a tremendous professional opportunity, but it can come at a price, particularly if public speaking is not your forte or you are an introvert.

With just a few simple tips, you can come across as confident and professional. Don’t believe me? Just try these out for yourself!

Hint: it all comes down to preparation.


Top strategies for breaking habits that stop you from work-life balance

The following five strategies can help you cut through all the interference generated by these distractions and help you create greater balance and harmony in your life. Simplifying and organising your life paves the way for greater strength and resilience and increases your level of success as an office professional.


Using LinkedIn like a Boss

With LinkedIn being the biggest professional online networking platform, here are the things you need to know and do to get started.


How to plan, organise and execute a corporate event with ease

Organising corporate events can be daunting! From trying to impress your boss, liaise with important clients and keep everyone happy, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed. A great corporate event planner is efficient, creative and most importantly organised! This is your go-to event checklist for your corporate event management. Whether it’s a casual office celebration, or something on the fancier side, these are all the steps you will need to get ahead and plan for success.