10 Awesome Benefits You Can Enjoy By Keeping a Journal

10 Awesome Benefits You Can Enjoy By Keeping a Journal

When you think about writing a journal, what are the first things to come to your mind? Maybe it’s an individual travelling the world and recording their travels? Maybe it’s a teenage girl lying in bed writing hearts around her crushes name?

However, anybody can keep a journal, and it can be so beneficial to your personal well-being. Still not convinced? Here are ten of those benefits you’ll start enjoying almost instantly!

Becoming Mindful

When you think of mindfulness, most minds will jump to meditation or walking in nature, but writing can actually provide the same effect.

By journaling, you’re bringing your mind into the present moment, reducing levels of stress and anxiety.

Living Your Dreams

One of the greatest benefits of keeping a journal is enabling yourself to achieve your goals.

When writing, trying to write down some goals you have, both long and short term and you’ll be pleasantly surprised with how your mind focuses on achieving them more throughout everyday life.

Enhance Your IQ

There are many strong cases out there that prove that you can actively improve your IQ and become more intelligent. “Through writing, you’ll be giving yourself the opportunity to increase your vocabulary and explore the language you use every day, boosting the activity in the brain” – says Nathaniel Lewis, Language tutor and a contributing author at Huffingtonpost.

Create Strong Habits

Creating positive habits is one of the hardest things you can do.

Writing in your journal every day is a great commitment to put your mind to and once you’ve done it, what other positive habits could you introduce to your life?

Control Your Emotions

It’s easy to get upset, angry and stressed out over things that happen in your life. It’s easy to overlook how others are feeling on account of your own emotions.

Through journaling, you can actively increase the awareness of how you’re feeling and understanding others more effectively.

Communicate More Effectively

Consider how many documents or pieces of text you write a day. It could be emails and reports at work, it could be writing instant message conversations to your friends, or it could be writing a blog.

Whatever reasons you write for, journaling is going to actively help you to improve your personal writing skills, helping you to communicate your message more effectively and therefore developing stronger relationships with the people around you.

Boost Your Creativity

You may not have sat down and written anything properly in a while, possibly even in years but you’ll be amazed by how much it boosts your creativity. “When you find what is commonly known as ‘writer’s flow’ you’ll find that you could write for hours about anything and the words come so naturally to your mind and hand. This is a great way to get your creative juices flowing in everyday life” – explains Anthony Vaughn, a Psychologist at Best British Essays.

Increase Your Memory

When you start writing a journal, you may be a bit stuck for ideas on what to actually write about. However, by sticking with the habit, you’ll start to notice that you become a lot more observant in life as you’ll have things to write about later. This is a great way to boost your memory functions and actually exercise your brain throughout the day.

Healing Your Heart

Every now and then, we all go through hard times. It might have been a recent break-up, a loved one passing away, or simply going through an extremely stressful time either emotionally or financially.

However, through keeping a journal, you have a place to vent all those thoughts and feelings, so you can ease your mind and understand how and why you feel the way you do.

Become More Confident

Whether you’re writing about something positive or negative, you’re actively given your mind the time to revisit that situation or time and relive it. As time has passed since the event happened, you’ll be able to revisit it with a fresh and clearer mind.

This can do wonders for your self-confidence as any anxiety you had before is all written down on paper, enabling you to address and accept it as well as helping you deal with the situation better another time.

Writing can be difficult to pick up, especially if you haven’t actually written something for yourself over a long period of time so using online writing tools will help make writing easy.

As you can see, starting a journal can be extremely beneficial to your well-being as well as helping you evolve and grow as an individual while learning to understand yourself better and more confidently. After all, who doesn’t want that?

Author: Gloria Kopp

Gloria Kopp is writing consultant and an editor at Academized. She is a regular contributor at HuffingtonPost and Best Australian Writers blogs. Besides, Gloria is an author of Studydemic educational blog where she shares her writing and career advice with students.”


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