Michelle Pascoe

Michelle Pascoe is an international speaker, accredited trainer and assessor and author. She has an undeniable passion for the customer service industry, with a strong focus on mystery shopping and team motivation. With a proven track record and vast experience, Michelle specialises in every aspect of service operations and processes - looking holistically at the overall impact on the customer experience. In 1994 Michelle founded one of Australia’s most respected training companies, Optimum Operating Procedures and Services (OOPS). Her experience since then has led to a diverse skill set and range of experiences, with her current expertise providing knowledge in mystery shopping, service benchmarking, surveys and focus groups, competitor audits, staff training and leadership development. In Michelle’s primary role as a speaker and accredited trainer and assessor, Michelle combines her extensive experience and specialised knowledge with an absolute commitment to igniting the potential in each and every individual, so they can achieve outstanding results. Program participants from various industries such as hospitality, Government and professional services sectors, walk away from her presentations feeling inspired, educated and equipped to deliver outstanding service experiences. Michelle recently co-authored the book - The VIP Principle – Discover How Guest Experiences Drive Long Term Growth, as a way of educating readers on the power of VIP customer service for the 21st century customer. From employing over 80 staff to working with multi million dollar clients, Michelle continues to spread her wisdom and inspiration across the globe. She passionately coaches the leaders of tomorrow, and truly believes in the potential inside every individual. Michelle’s belief is that no matter what industry you are in, service is the key point of difference in creating an essential human connection, and most importantly, life-long loyal customers.


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