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My name is Katie Martin and I'm a big believer that no one is ever just a PA. #NotJustAPA 

I'm dedicated to providing a space where PA's can go to and ask any question they need to be successful in their career. As a PA, sometimes you're marketing, selling, the director of first impressions or even event coordinator. It's part of the job to know or just figure it out. It can be lonely working with those "at the top" too. You're always privy to knowing more than the rest of the team so it can be hard to sit on both sides of the fence.  

I am a Virtual Assistant so working remotely with clients has sometimes been a bit of a challenge, especially when there is no one else to bounce off or even ask how to do something online or on the computer. Google has always been my bestie to figure things out but sometimes takes AGES to find the answer because it's not specific.

My vision is that PA Pages will be the ultimate online resource where PA's can go to use the online forums to ask questions, gain feedback and find out the answer to their question. You'll find loads of information in the forum and through blogs written by specialists in their field. You will be able to find trusted suppliers through the directory and even purchase their product right here through the PA Pages website. 

In my free time you'll find me testing out new coffee shops, spending time with my gorgeous family and during summer, at the beach.

Be sure to check back regularly, make this your new home page or even sign up to get the latest news delivered into your inbox. There's loads planned for PA Pages and I can't WAIT to roll it all out. Enjoy!


Do you have a suggestion for PA Pages? Send us an email! We would love to hear about what it is you want to make this your "go to place" and become the Ultimate Online Resource.