A guide to working with others (Part One)

A guide to working with others (Part One)

Dealing with a D Boss

While many of us are lucky enough to work with a great boss and colleagues there’s always those few who at times can be nothing short of a D.

No. Not the D word I know you could give them being this type of person. The D I am talking about is the ones that are dominant, direct and most of the time difficult.

What I am talking about here is DISC.

You see, having been to several conferences over the past 12 months and listening to speakers where people’s behaviour is their area of expertise, it got me thinking about the different types of boss’s I am sure many of us have come across.

Knowing and understanding the different personality and style types of people it will help you to make the workplace more enjoyable for you and increase your ability to be able to deal with anyone in any situation.

So, over the coming posts, I will be talking about some of the things I’ve learned about DISC.

What is DISC?

More than likely you have heard about a DISC profile report before and chances are you have even completed one to look at your style of working.

If you haven’t heard of it and have never completed one, in short, the D I S C assessment is used by organisations of all sizes to understand their teams and increase productivity. It focuses on four distinct personality and working styles so that teams can work together more harmoniously and effectively. Rather than changing or adapting personalities to suit the work environment or situation, D I S C profiling gives everyone the knowledge to better understand each other, which ultimately allows you to use different strategies on how to deal with them in a more efficient manner.

D I S C profiling can be broken up into four categories. D (Dominance), I (Influence), S (Steadiness), or C (Conscientiousness) personality.

If you are interested in determining your D I S C personality, then take the test here. Understanding your personality better will enable you to strengthen your working relationships around you.

Over the next several blog posts, we will take a look at some of the different ways you can deal with the different styles. You might even be able to distinguish your boss depending on whether they represent a D I S or C.

Today’s post is going to focus on a D boss.

How your D boss works and thinks?

A D personality places emphasis on accomplishing results through confidence. You may notice that your boss displays behavioural patterns such as an ability to see the whole picture clearly or a willingness to accept challenges, no matter how complicated. They tend to be motivated by success and can be known to get straight to the point. D profile personalities are usually strong-willed, demonstrate signs of impatience and value competency and action above all else.

A typical D personality will display many inspirational and creative aspects and usually lead by one of three leadership styles:

What makes them tick?

While a D personality has a lot of strengths to motivate the team and reach goals, they do struggle with some of the finer issues.

They may not be particularly patient, tend to be oversensitive, lack the ability to give all the details and expect quick decision making. Understanding this at the outset will allow you to reset your expectations and demands from your boss. An outburst of sensitivity on their part is nothing personal – it speaks more about them than it does your ability to do the work.

What you can do to make your job easier?

If you are working for a D boss, then you will definitely have moments that you wish he or she was more patient and accommodating to your needs.

You may have to do some of the groundwork when it comes to explaining the state of the situation to others. They will have to show a little more tolerance to compensate for the lack of patience and empathy from your boss. Once they realise this, then meetings will tend to run a bit more smoothly.

Tips for approaching difficult conversations?

The best way to handle an awkward conversation with a D profile is just to let them talk.

They will be rather outspoken and want to rule the meeting in their typical fast-paced style. Scepticism will often appear in the conversation; but again, it is nothing personal. It is just their way of doing business.

Working under a D personality can be very exciting, and you can learn a lot from their decisive and ambitious personality style. Just try to keep up where you can learn to read between the lines and radiate confidence at all times.

How to win them over

There are some tricks and tips when dealing with a D-type boss.

  1. Don’t waffle when presenting your information. Be brief and to the point of offering focused solutions wherever possible.
  2. Give your boss the bottom line without making generalisations or emphasising any particular problems. A D style individual will respect you much more when you can show them you are in control of a situation (even when you feel like you are not).
  3. Another important point to remember is that they hate being taken advantage of so avoid putting your boss into a position which makes them feel weak or vulnerable.

They love it when you can keep up with their pace and can be on step ahead so being proactive is always helpful.

Sound like someone you know?

We’d love to hear your tips on how you deal with your D boss…

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