6 Simple Ways to Get Your Time Back

6 Simple Ways to Get Your Time Back

Do you feel overwhelmed by your to do list and the size of your inbox?

You receive countless emails, phone calls and requests. Your calendar is filled with back to back meetings. You’re juggling many tasks at any one time and wonder how you will ever get them all done. Your inbox is out of control and work life balance sounds like an old wives tale.

One of the biggest challenges that most of us face in the workplace is time. There’s just not enough of it. We’re expected to do more, with less.

But consistently feeling busy, pressured and overwhelmed can lead to stress, health problems and unhappiness.

So how can you reclaim your time and sanity? Here are six ways you can manage your time more effectively.

  1. Purposefully Plan Your Time. Often we can spend our time reacting to other people’s requests, urgent issues or admin tasks. But this means we don’t work on what really matters. Set aside time on a Friday afternoon or Monday morning to review your achievements and what’s outstanding. Prioritise your to-do list, plan your week ahead and book time into your calendar to get the important tasks completed. You should be the owner of your own calendar – don’t let everyone else hijack it.
  1. Cut the Distractions, or Time Wasters. Whilst those pop up email boxes can seem helpful, they are also very distracting. Turn off the email notifications and set aside specific times only to check your emails. Limit your internet surfing and Facebook checking during the work day. If you’re interrupted a lot at your desk, book yourself into a private meeting room when you need to focus.
  1. Email on Fleek. One of the most effective techniques in managing the influx of emails is to ‘touch it once’. Usually we read and scan our emails and then respond to them later which actually wastes time. Instead – reply or action them right then and there. If the request is going to take a bit longer, book time into your calendar to action it. This helps to manage both your responsiveness as well as your calendar management.
  1. Pomodoro Technique. No – not the pasta sauce… The pomodoro method is a simple but effective time management technique. You set a timer for 25 minutes and focus on only one task during this time. Then you have a 5 minute break. The intervals then continue with an additional 5 minutes added to each break time, for as long as you need to complete your task. This technique can improve both your productivity and ability to focus. You can download pomodoro apps to help with this method.
  1. Only Do What You Can Do. One of the biggest reasons why people don’t achieve what they need to is because they over think it and question themselves. We want it to be perfect or just right. But this type of thinking actually holds us back from achieving success. Just get it done to the best that you can in that moment, and keep moving. Done is better than perfect.
  1. Me Time. An area that I see many people put to the very bottom of their lists is themselves. We place everyone and everything else first, and get to ourselves last. But the secret is that we usually never do. Build time into your schedule that is just for YOU – such as learning, networking, break times and exercise. You deserve to invest time into yourself to improve your capabilities, knowledge and confidence.

We can all use more time in our day. But unless you work on trying and using time management strategies, nothing will change.

What one or two strategies can you start today to reclaim your time, peace of mind and work life balance back?

Michelle Robb

Michelle Robb is a Career Coach, writer and speaker who is passionate about empowering corporate women to build a career and life that they LOVE! With an Advanced Diploma in Management, a Certified Life Coach and over 15 years experience in leadership roles, Michelle has coached and mentored hundreds of women in places such as Optus, Telstra, Macquarie Bank and through her own business, Michelle Robb Coaching. When Michelle is not helping women find happiness and success, she can usually be found with her friends and family, eating delicious food and coffee, and then burning it off on the Coogee to Bondi walk!


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