5 Reasons Why Managing Mental Health Is Significant

5 Reasons Why Managing Mental Health Is Significant

In the current day and age, with many things constantly evolving, it’s crucial that the way we think evolves as well. With that being said, mental health has become a huge issue in our community than it was in past years, and it’s definitely something that needs to be paid attention to. 

While a lot of people are starting to recognise the importance of being healthy mentally, some are still unaware of just how big of an impact one’s mental state has on everything else. However, there are many reasons why mental health is something that everyone needs to take care of and pay attention to.

  1. Statistics

One of the biggest reasons why everyone should pay more attention to their mental state is because of the staggering statistics that come along with the issue. On average, today’s high school student has the same amount of stress and anxiety as someone who was a mental health patient back in the 1960s. Along with this, the suicide rates among this current year are increasing at a very high rate. What this should tell us is that people are not happy in their life, and this is something that should be dealt with.

Of the 20 percent of Australians with a mental illness in any one year, 11.5% have one disorder and 8.5% have two or more disorders while 19.1% of U.S. adults experienced mental illness.

  1. Physical health

Additionally, the impact that ones mind has on their body is very powerful. With this being said, it is no surprise that people who are healthy mentally are a lot healthier physically as well, and vice versa. Depression and stress have been found to be linked to many life threatening diseases including both heart disease and cancer. 

This is also why your health insurance plan might cover both physical doctor’s appointments, and one’s concerning mental health and stability. Living a happy, and stress free life adds longevity to one’s life as well.

  1. Financial health

Another reason why mental health should be paid attention to is because of the financial state of those who are mentally okay. Studies show that those of which pay much attention to how they feel, and take self care days to keep themselves healthy mentally make a lot more than those who do not. In short, one who takes care of their mental health is going to do a lot better when becoming or staying financially stable.

  1. Anyone can have a mental disorder

Another reason why everyone needs to be sure to pay close attention to their mental health and state is simply because everyone can be impacted by these issues. Contrary to popular belief, any and everyone, regardless of how they grew up or what they were born into can suffer from a mental illness. Today, almost half of adults report that they have struggled with a mental illness at some point in their life. 

Additionally, a lot of adults and people who have mental health issues do not find out about them until well into the issue, and their life, when they are older adults. Going undiagnosed with certain mental issues can take a toll on the person suffering, including isolation, and feelings of loneliness. It’s important that people note and take care of how they feel mentally, so if and when any changes arise it can be spotted and recognised with ease.

  1. Everything

In short, the state of someone’s mental effects and impacts every single area of their life. From finances, to personal health, all the way to their emotions and how they interact with other people, their feelings about their self are what create a basis for everything else they do in life. To lead a happy and healthy life, which everyone deserves, it starts with oneself, and this means taking care of thyself mentally and physically.


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