4 tips for a healthy heart and happier life

4 tips for a healthy heart and happier life

Heart disease is the No. 1 cause of death in many countries all over the world. One of the biggest reasons for this is people’s lack of commitment to a heart healthy lifestyle. Remember, your heart is among your most valuable belongings. This muscle keeps you alive and does amazing work for your body. Moreover, it asks surprisingly little in return for all those incredible performances.

There are many ways to improve your general health on a daily basis, and most of the time you hear or learn about all the things you MUSTN’T DO, right? Those usually refer to all the foods you can’t eat or drinks you shouldn’t drink and many more pieces of advice which are about your diet.

Well, good news! We are not talking about your diet here! Although it is particularly significant what you eat, it is widely known that people find it most difficult to make radical changes in their diet. Because of that, many of them quickly give up, do nothing and pray for the best.

However, maybe you should start taking care of your heart health with some different steps!

These tips are very effective both in preventing heart diseases and improving the quality of your life in general. What’s more, you will feel considerably better after implementing these in your daily routine.

1. Stop Living in the Past

For a start, stop thinking about your family history. Stop bringing past into present! Many people live with the belief that if someone in their family had had a heart attack, stroke or any other coronary disease, the same would also happen to themselves.

It doesn’t have to be that way. Your thoughts are a powerful tool, so try to replace a bad thought with a positive one. For example, lifestyle and exercise habits are also hereditary. However, it is possible to change those if you want, right?

Your heart is not something that you inherited from your parents or grandparents. It is yours only. Take responsibility for it!

2. Get a Move On

Exercising is important. However, it apparently doesn’t mean you have to go to the gym every day or to run for three miles. No! Being physically active every single day is what we are actually talking about!

It means you sometimes walk to work, take the stairs instead of a lift or dance while you are cooking! Remember, even 15 minutes a day of any physical activity is better than doing nothing!

Just try. What could possibly happen apart from you feeling much better, happier and healthier? Discover an activity which suits you best, and get all the benefits.

3. Calm Your Mind

The power of silence is one of the greatest! Find just 10 minutes in a day to merely close your eyes and concentrate on your breathing. This is extremely helpful in reducing stress.

With this simple exercise, you will bring your body back into the present moment and create a mindful experience every single day. That conscious experience is essential since it is all about being aware of your own body and giving it what it needs.

Nowadays, people live extremely busy lives, and they get too much information on a daily basis. So, calming your mind and enjoying the silence has considerable benefits to your general health condition. A healthy mind means a healthy body.

4. Do What Makes You Happy

During the day, especially a working one, you have multiple tasks to complete. Those related to work, your personal life, your home, and many more others. Countless things to do and you have only 24 hours, challenging, I know!

The question now is – how often do you do something just for yourself?

This is crucial for your both mental and physical health. Among all those tasks you have to do, you should find at least half an hour to do something that relaxes you. Drawing, colouring, DIYs or just walking in the park with your headphones on, it honestly doesn’t matter what you are doing as long as you are enjoying that activity.

All those activities positively affect your body and mind. When you do something you love, something that relaxes you, there is no stress. Reducing stress has a great impact both on your overall health and heart condition.

Now, these tips sound really uncomplicated and easy to do, and they are! However, because of all that hustle and bustle, people tend to forget about these small things which make their life better.

In order to be sure not to forget to do something exceptional for yourself, you can always keep a diary or even put these tips on your to-do lists. Either way, choose the most suitable reminder for yourself and take care!

Author: Katrina McKinnon is the Community Outreach Manager for Alsco Australia. Alsco is Australia’s leading providers of linen, workwear, commercial floor mats, industrial cleaners, first aid kits and washroom hygiene services. Alsco has a collection of first aid resources with useful first aid signs, posters, how-tos to help maintain workplace health and safety.


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