3 Things You Can Implement Right Now To Cut Your Time In Half

3 Things You Can Implement Right Now To Cut Your Time In Half

If you’re like me, some days when 5:00 pm rolls around, it feels like the surface of the never ending to do list has barely been scratched. You glance at the clock again to double check if it’s really working and sigh as you return your gaze to the huge amount of emails you haven’t even opened yet realising that won’t be leaving the office before 6:00 pm. It’s been a long day!

We hear you! As a PA, EA or office assistant, it can often seem like there are not enough hours in the day. Feeling like you are falling behind can be energy draining not to mention rather depressing. No one wants to stay late in the office to catch up on work.

Repetitive tasks can be a huge part of a PA’s workload and setting processes in motion to skip those steps can be extremely fulfilling and liberating. Say goodbye to the overtime by starting these actions today.

  1. Streamline the email process

Some days the emails can seem like they are a never ending stream. And during those times when you are collating information or organising an event, it can seem even worse. There are some weeks when you are hesitant to even click on the inbox for fear of how much the emails will increase your workload.

One smart way to cut corners on the email front is to create a series of auto email templates. These work especially well if you are regularly sending reminders or chasing up information such as monthly board report, weekly newsletter updates, or where you find you are repeating yourself constantly in the requests.

To set them up I simply create several different email signatures and then select the one I need to use. Once you have jumped over the hurdle of setting them up, you will see that they are very easy to use and save you time!

  1. Limit Data Entry

While some types of data entry can’t be avoided, there are always things that you can do to help reduce it in the long-term. Using pre-made forms to assist with the planning will cut your time and provide you with the facts in an easy to read format.

Using online forms can be a great time saver – just send the link to the recipient and the information will be sent back to you. Or perhaps your boss needs a survey conducted? Try creating an online survey to garner feedback using a Quick Response Code (QR code). People are then able to scan it and give their automatic feedback saving you the need to type in the data from paper-based forms.

  1. Write it down

When your desk is overflowing, and your brain is suffering from overload, it can be difficult to remember anything at all. The most important thing to do during these busy times and to ensure overwhelm doesn’t happen is to plan and just write everything that needs to be done down. As simple as it sounds, creating a to-do list and being reasonable with what you can achieve in one day will help you to manage your time and help you to say no to those not so urgent requests as well as ensure that deadlines are met.

There are many apps you can use however one nifty trick I love is the simple to do list that is connected to my email which can be accessed anywhere. It can help you prioritise your workload and ensure you get through the day without forgetting those all important details. It makes complicated events and planning run much smoother and will help you effortlessly sort out your tasks and schedule those dates.

Making these three small changes now will make you wonder how you ever managed to survive without it. Which one are you going to start with?

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