Tips of Highly Productive People

Tips of Highly Productive People

We all know that type of people: they always seem to have everything together, they juggle several tasks simultaneously, they get everything done before the deadlines, and they even manage to squeeze exercising into their busy schedules. The rest of us mortals can’t seem to commit to light jog a few times a week, we constantly feel exhausted and swamped with work.

Is it some kind of a superpower or do their days magically have more than 24h? Although it may seem that way, you too can have it all by changing your behaviour.

To turn things around in 2017, follow the habits of highly productive people. These don’t require any drastic changes just mindful behavior and switching to a different daily routine.

Keep a journal

Writing helps us put things in perspective and it can even be therapeutic. A recent study conducted by the University of Iowa showed journaling helped students manage stress much better. In addition to balancing your emotions, writing a journal helps you track progress and make better steps towards a certain goal. It is one of the ways to build emotional intelligence and become mentally stronger – a trait of all successful people. If you still have doubts, just take one glance at the history: some of the greatest leaders (e.g. Napoleon Bonaparte and Marcus Aurelius) kept journals.
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Establish a routine

Highly productive people enjoy having daily routines. Routines ensure consistency, great time management, and getting the most from your day. If you’re struggling with obtaining healthier habits, a study by UCL might encourage you. By introducing certain triggers, you can form a new habit. For example, if you can’t seem to commit to a workout regime, make the trigger time based (e.g. workout every morning at 7 AM) or event based (e.g. workout every morning after breakfast). You need to stick with it for at least two months before your brain perceives it as a normal everyday behavior.

It helps if you wear fashionable gym clothes as they make you feel more confident. In addition to that, through a process called “enclothed cognition“, your brain switches to a certain mood based on what you’re wearing so you’ll feel pumped up. Keep your workout gear somewhere you can see it as a visual reminder it’s time to break a sweat.

Talk to yourself

Having conversations with yourself is healthy and has many benefits. It improves the way your brain functions, it helps you think in a clearer manner and organize your thoughts, it makes you a better problem-solver and supports you in achieving goals. According to psychologists, talking to yourself is actually a great sign of sanity. Nurturing a good internal dialogue will make you a better communicator and help you objectively assess any given situation. This is crucial in order to determine how realistic are your goals and how well do you behave with others, be it colleagues or friends. Make sure you use a pronoun “you“ instead of “I“ so that you get the most of the talk.
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Read as much as you can

If you’re wondering where the key to success lies, you might not need to go further than the library. All successful and productive people seem to be bookworms. Just take Bill Gates as an example, who developed a strong reading habit from the earliest age, or the founder of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg who committed to reading a book every two weeks in 2015. According to Harvard Business Review, if you want to become a leader, become a reader first:  it will help you understand social cues, develop empathy and social intelligence, increase your managing skills, and set your brain in the creativity mood – which can be of great use within any business niche.

Learn the value of solitude

All productive people know how precious it is to have some me-time during the day. Disconnecting from other people (both the ones from the virtual world and real life) helps one process its thoughts and emotions and contemplate about future goals. Many choose to meditate during these periods. The trick is to set yourself free from distractions and focus on what your body and mind are signalizing so that you can have a clearer focus and enjoy increased productivity the next day. Bettering the relationship you have with yourself is the first step towards bettering relationships you have with others. Those who don’t take the time for self-care may struggle with chaotic thoughts and unproductive days.

These are some of the steps you can take in order to become more productive in the following year. Remember that persistence is the key to success so don’t give up if you don’t get it right the first time.

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