Contributor Agreement - PA Pages Blogging

This document and information contained within is intended for use by the PA Pages contributors.

This document is designed to provide the basics of blogging and define the PA Pages standard/feel for the PA Pages web site.

The blogging strategy referenced below is geared towards business PA Pages blogging. (This has a different focus from a personal blog or a sponsored blog.)

Terms & Definition


A contributor is a person (typically representing a company) that contributes content every 4 weeks or less, in an area of expertise, for the purpose of educating web site visitors. A contributor shall provide content in their area of expertise or business.

What is a blog & why would contributors want to blog on the PA Pages site?

A blog is a “web log”, an online diary of information that is time

Relevant content, normally based within a specific topic. Readers will identify with the topic and follow this person’s information each time they publish new content.

As a contributor you have been extended an offer to contribute to our site, this means the content you would potentially be blogging about is beneficial to our readers.

What’s in it for the contributor?

Your content will have links back to your web site that will allow readers to follow onto your site, the more interesting and engaging content you provide on the PA Pages site, the more readers will feel comfortable with you as the “guru” of your field.

From an internet technical perspective the more links that point to your site, the higher you are ranked by the search engines, and the more visible you become on the internet.

Your blog contributions are free of any copy right restrictions being publicly available on the internet. Any quotes are correctly referenced in preparation for blogging.

Being a contributor is free, this means PA Pages reviews your copy and once it’s passed the mediation check (Acceptance tests are listed below) then it will be publicized for our readers. Your bio and picture will be required and posted on the site, so users can find out more about you, your experience and background. Testimonials are also permitted within your Bio. You may also be asked to attend seminars that are put on by PA Pages, as a contributor that the seminar is targeted to. (Business owner with in SME group)

What’s in it for PA Pages?

Building content that applies to our reader’s attracts even more visitors, building our credibility as business educators and in turn feeding leads to the contributors for visitors wanting their expertise or mentors for business requiring one-on-one coaching.

Contributor Bio

Each contributor shall provide a Bio (Brief CV)

and personal picture outlining their experience and expertise.

There will also be a section for comments for each contributor, this is where your existing clients can post your testimonial.

What PA Pages expects from contributors

Blogging requires commitment, about a 6 –8 months sales process.

  • Blogs to have copy prepared with diagrams and images as jpg’s
  • Contributor specialty skill defined for contribution.
  • Blogs are within this area of expertise
  • Occasional participation in events (on line and off line)
  • QA of the engagement between contributor and visitor business engagement, PA Pages is not involved with the direct engagement.
  • Promotion of your blogs to colleagues, your contacts and when attending networking events.
  • You provide “Open content”, Blogs contain free information. No IP or royalties applicable, just like a magazine article
  • Contributor blogs commence, within 10 days of this agreement being approved.

Terms & Conditions

The terms of this agreement is 12 (twelve months) commencing from the date the services started.

Either party may terminate this agreement with one months notice

(1) month notice in writing.

PA Pages reserves the following rights

  • Mediate all content that in PA Pages’s opinion is defamatory, offensive, derogatory or generally unsuitable for the web site
  • Alter web site design and technology to suit the evolving technology or visitor requirements
  • Promote the site, content and communications as part of advertisement strategy
  • Right to use the content provided within promotional material
  • Publish or remove blogs as necessary for the community of interest visitors
  • Schedule blogs posting to provide an interesting and varied content update on the site
  • Provide termination notice to a contributor that fails to provide content, participation or contribute in a manner that supports the community of interest. notice shall be in writing.
  • Content (text and video) may remain on the site or removed as necessary for continuation of the web site.

How do contributors blog & what rules do they need to follow?

PA Pages will process your blog into the website format.

This is completed so contributor do not need to know the html coding that is required to make a blog look correct on a website. The format and stile also remains within the PA Pages look and feel.

We will accept word documents (Doc or Docx) with your content that follows the correct structure.

Blog Examples

PA Pages recommends getting a feel for blogs and signing up to our own blog and reading

through the historical blogs to get a feel for the way the PA Pages blogs are written, and the content types blogs can involve.

Blog template

This template is the format required to create a blog. This template will allow you to easily write your blog and allow for easy submission to our

site (Making it quick for everyone to process), the sections are listed below.


This headline needs to be catchy for its audience and very content appropriate. (Note: The page url is created as its title)


This is the main content/copy of your blog.

(This process is similar to a news paper article.

  • Start with catchy words & questions to attract the users, and make them think.
  • Middle part has the technical/juicy information about the topic.
  • Ending will wrap up and answer the first questions with the technical information the reader learnt.

External/Offsite Links

When referencing off PA Pages site copy, you need to include the

copied information in “quotes” then the source by providing a link to that page and the name of the source.

(This information will then be provided in the links section of the PA Pages site.


“Quote from PA Pages” (PA Pages Website address)


When referencing off PA Pages site quotes or information, you also need to provide in a separate section with just the url and the name for that url (separated by a dash)

  • Example: http://PA Pages Website
  • Example:–Australian Tax Office Link


Images must be provided in raw format that is as a standard image file: jpeg, gif, jpg, png etc.

(No imbedding of images in word files, you may imbed to show the location of where the image must be placed, but also provide the separate file)


This is the author’s name

(typically your name as the contributor)


Terms allow direct linking to other items with a similar content on the PA Pages PA Pages site. (Around 2-3 can be chosen by the writer). Eg a blog about marketing could use terms such as; Lead, Generation, Potentials.

These items need to be generic enough to work. E.g. Marketing term would be used on a blog about Direct Mail Pieces Or E.g. Online Marketing for a blog about google and search engine optimisation.

Search Terms

These are terms that are beyond the 2-3 chosen for the standard terms, but would still be required for finding related content with in our site. (The related context menu) These should be around 3min-8max

Now I know how to blog, what do I blog?

As a contributor you have a specific PA Pages content based on what your experience and typically what your business currently provides. All blogs must have an education focus and be beneficial to the target readers of the PA Pages site.

What shouldn’t I blog about?

This medium is providing advice on following “PA Pages blog guidelines. Focus is for basic visitor training and not a “pure sales focus”.

A sales only focus blog will be mediated to ensure the site remains training and PA Pagel (information Guru) approach.

To clearly distinguish a sales letter approach, it is one long copy pushing a single product or service.

What should I blog about?

As a contributor PA Pages has recognised your skills with in your specific area of business,

examples of content would be:

  • Changes that affect that affect the PA Pages community.
  • Experience & what you have learnt
  • New ideas and career strategies
  • Style
  • Travel
  • Career
  • Advances in technology or delivery methods
  • Listening to problems & solutions
  • Stories and examples (ensure you do not submit any business or personal names)

PA Pages will review all blogs when received before they are uploaded and converted to the blog format. If a blog does not meet the PA Pages submission standards, the Contributor will be asked to revise the blog to meet the standards/ feel of PA Pages.

When a contributor is providing content, they first need to be set up as a “contributor” through PA Pages.

The email address to submit a blog