Part One – How To Plan A Travel Wardrobe

Part One – How To Plan A Travel Wardrobe

Part One – 5 Tips For Planning to Pack

One of the things I love most about owning Lamington Ave and designing fashion is that I get to style so many women for their travel capsules. 

There’s always so many things to think about when packing your suitcase

  • Weather
  • Occasions
  • Mixing and matching
  • Suitcase space and weight

Packing can be a real chore so in this three part series I will go through my tricks for How To Plan A Travel Wardrobe. These tips can be used for work or your next holiday.

Traveling wardrobes should always be portable and versatile. Using classic pieces and adding an investment piece or two can greatly expand your wardrobe to mix/match/layer into many different outfits. Since you can’t take all of your clothing you’ll need to consider the following tips as you plan out your travel wardrobe:

  1. Don’t try to plan for all possible things that could happen. If you do this you might as well just pack your entire wardrobe! Look at your itinerary and plan for a normal range of clothing based on your destinations weather and the activities that you will be participating in.
  2. Plan for a mix of temperatures. Personal experience has taught me that temperatures from one place to the next can be quite different to what you are used to. Humidity plays a big part in this so if dry weather or humidity is new to you be sure to factor this in. If you’re going to various destinations where it is hot and then cooler this is also something that you will need to plan for.
  3. Pack items of clothing that are versatile. This means that what can be worn as casual clothing can also be very easily dressed up by adding another piece. An example of how you could wear the Lamington Ave Navy blue maxi dress is shown below and it’s only 4 pieces all worn VERY differently.
  4. Use layering. Scarves, jackets, shirts and leggings can greatly extend the temperature range of your wardrobe without adding a lot of weight to your suitcase.  These small and light weight items are key to making your traveling wardrobe work when the temperature changes.
  5. Plan to wash your clothes. Most hotels will have a clothesline in the bath rooms that you can hang washed items up to dry while you spend the day adventure bound. The trick here is to make sure that your clothing is lightweight, can be worn with wrinkles OR that will nicely if hung out flat. Don’t forget that the majority of hotels will also have a laundry service.

It’s all too easy to pack too many items of clothing so be stringent on what you pack. Spend some time to try outfits on and mix and match for two occasions. If you plan to take 5-10 pieces of clothing it is quite easy triple the outfits with an accessory or matching it with something else.

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