How To Write A Profile Description That Turns Heads

How To Write A Profile Description That Turns Heads

Whether your write-up is for an ‘About us’ page or a LinkedIn profile, you need a description that gets to the point about why people want to work with YOU.

To turn heads, your bio must:

  1. Include a headline clearly and succinctly stating your position

Describe your key role in a few words. You might highlight your job title and/or board roles or notable awards – take a look at people’s headlines under their name on LinkedIn to find some good examples. Stay away from corny lines like ‘Helping you achieve success’ – just tell us what you actually do!

  1. Expand on your headline with a clear statement on what you do

Explain in a key statement what services you offer, to whom, how you are different from others in your field, what your specialties are, and the company you work with.

  1. Demonstrate your qualifications, knowledge and expertise

Highlight why you are so qualified for the job you do or the position you’d like to get.

  1. Foster trust through social proof – testimonials, client lists, case studies, work history, awards, media exposure

Ask for detailed testimonials to demonstrate how you’ve made a difference to a person or business – LinkedIn has a very easy option to ask for recommendations. Develop a case study collection where you tell the story of how you’ve helped businesses or projects – these will be great preparation for your next interview too! Again, LinkedIn gives you plenty of options to highlight different achievements in a way that gets attention.

  1. Show something of who you are as an individual (e.g. background, personal story, personal interests) – remember, people want to do business with real people!

You can certainly show a bit of who you are as a person while staying appropriate within a professional context. Some companies like their team members to reveal something interesting about themselves on the company profile page of the website; within your LinkedIn profile you can list interests, charities you support and languages you speak. You can also craft your profile description to demonstrate your individual work values and passions – see point 6 below.

  1. Demonstrate your passions, because people want to work with people who care!

In a competitive market and a sea of online information, people stand out when they demonstrate their passion for their work. It’s also one of the attributes that makes one person better at their job than the next.

  1. Include a killer photo of you (professional, eye-catching, inviting, appropriate, correct size)

People make a judgement in a split second, based mostly on visual information. What is your profile photo saying about you? If it’s professional and in context, it will show that YOU are professional and care about attention to detail.

  1. Tailored to your audience, using their language and keeping their needs and wants at the forefront

When crafting your bio, you must keep your target audience in mind – whether it’s potential clients or employers. What are they looking for? Write with the intention of answering that.

  1. Read naturally yet professionally

Your bio should feel human, in order to win your audience. Use everyday language (no technical jargon unless your audience understands it!). At the same time, you must ensure you use correct grammar and that your copy is free from spelling or punctuation errors.

These steps and more are covered with my clients during consulting and training sessions Australia-wide, as they build their personal brands. To find out more, visit or take a look at my LinkedIn profile for ideas

Julissa Shrewsbury

Julissa Shrewsbury is director of New Work Consulting, a multi-award winning creative agency specialising in business and personal brand strategy, professional image training and photography.


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