How to make time for yourself

How to make time for yourself

Between work, chores, errands, and family duties, a modern lady seems to be chronically short on Me time. While there are few things you can do to stop your To Do list from growing out of proportion, it’s always useful to have a handful of efficient time management strategies up your sleeve to help you carve off a bit of precious time alone when the world begins to cave in.

Sounds impossible?

It’s not, really. Here, try these simple strategies and you’ll soon realise you can actually spend a lot more quality time with your favourite person, Your Majesty Self, than you initially expected.

Learn to delegate responsibilities

The biggest problem busy women face when struggling to free up their daily agenda is aversion to delegation of duties and responsibilities to family members. No, your daughter may not load the dishwasher as neatly as you do, and yes, your husband may overcook broccoli, but hey – life will go on, and more importantly, you’ll get to have a little more of it to yourself.

Remember: if you allow self-sabotage to run your life, you’ll soon wind up in a dead alley, burnt out by your own perfectionism, servility, and need for validation.

A polite, firm No goes a long way

Obliging women who are too quick to put other people’s happiness before their own seldom get to enjoy vital peace and quiet.

If you feel you never get to have a break because you’re constantly on the line for others, it’s a clear sign you need to start saying No more often. By allowing others to drain your energy or drop their share of the workload in your lap, you’ll risk flying into a rage at some point, which will only lead to an even greater loss of precious time and energy.  

Buy in bulk to save cash and time

Weekly grocery shopping sprees are another time waster you can avoid (or at least minimise) by a simple smart move. By buying in bulk, you’ll get to save at least a few hours of spare time each month, plus you’ll never run out of your family’s favourite edibles or everyday essentials. On top of that, many stores offer special deals and discounts for bulk purchases, so you’ll be hitting two cool gains by a single blow.

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Shop online, don’t wait in the line

Another easy way to minimise waste of time and cash in shopping, making purchases online will help you earn at least a few hours of free time a month which you’ll be able to spend doing the things you love. Nowadays, you can buy almost everything online at a decent price and have it delivered to your doorstep, so you’ll completely eliminate lengthy cash register waits from the shopping agenda. For a convenient bonus, online stores are open 24/7, which means you can go hunting for the items you need whenever it’s most convenient for you.

Cooking sprees in super sized mode

Some ladies love to cook, but if you’re not one of them, the time spent slaving at the countertop will be as good as Me time flushed down the drain. Fortunately, there’s an easy fix for busy girls who can’t afford to eat out every day. Simply add a king-size Le Creuset enameled steel pot to your dish ware arsenal and use it to cook week-long food ratios which you’ll divide into separate containers and keep refrigerated until the munching.

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However busy your weekly agenda may be, making a little extra time for yourself isn’t a mission impossible: it’s a matter of smart organisation, duty delegation, and well though-out priority list.

Whoever said there was no time to have fun alone, right?

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