How to Future-Proof Your Career: Part One

How to Future-Proof Your Career: Part One

If you are looking to move into another role, are currently working in the industry and intend to make that your long-term career choice, or risk losing your job to AI, then future-proofing your career is necessary.

Future-proofing is all about anticipating the changes that may occur and being prepared for whatever comes your way. No industry is safe from developments or changes, and the only way you can keep up with the shift is to evolve and grow your skills.

In this three-part series, we will look at the things you can start to do now to safeguard and progress your career in the future.

  1. Understand yourself

You may think that you know yourself, but quite often we are blind to our own faults and habits, strengths and weaknesses. We do things on auto-pilot and sometimes we don’t even know that we are doing them.

To gain an understanding of your strengths and what motivates you, a DISC profile test is a good place to start. If you haven’t heard of it yet, DISC profiling has been used as a business practice since the 1940s with great success. Once you have complete the questionnaire, the DISC profile will break down your personality into four quadrants: Dominance (D), Influence (I), Steadiness (S) and Conscientiousness (C). It does this by analysing your tendencies, preferences and patterns, to give you an improved insight into human behaviour, specifically your own. By learning DISC and the tendencies of each profile it also helps you to better manage others because you understand their style of communication and behaviour which allows you to adapt better.

When you have a better understanding of your own personality, you can manage your work to specifically suit your preferences and focus on your natural strengths. You can also take more proactive steps to develop your strengths and career.

  • You can look for positions where you thrive and understand how your personality blend will lend itself to everyday actions.
  • You can build high-functioning relationships, increase your productivity and succeed in your workplace environment.

Ultimately, understanding yourself will make you feel empowered to tackle any situation and focus on any challenge at hand, and is essential in the grand scheme of things.

  1. Know what you want

If you don’t have a career plan, then now is time to come up with one.

Often, we fall into our careers through circumstances and situations, many beyond our control. And, we don’t stop to smell the roses, let alone take the time to analyse how we got there or even if we want to be there in the first place.

You may not have made a conscious choice to get where you are, but you can certainly take control to know where you want to go from there. Sit down (sooner rather than later) and;

  • Think about what you like about your current job and what you don’t.
  • How can you turn your job into a profitable and enjoyable career that will last for years to come?

If you are really struggling in examining what you want at the moment, then you may need to rely on your mentors and associates for guidance. Even in the career choice of an EA, PA or VA, there are so many different areas that you can specialise in.

Understand where your passions lie and use that to motivate you forward. Could you see yourself doing this same job in five years or even ten years? If so, then clearly you are doing something right. Pinpoint those areas that you absolutely thrive on and work out ways to add more of that into your life to make your job even more rewarding.

  1. Recognise your value

We are all guilty of undervaluing ourselves and the services we offer at some point in our lifetime. But, the truth of the matter is, if you cannot realise your value, you may find yourself taking on tasks and projects that can zap your strength and your happiness.

Learning to say no during any stage of your career can be particularly helpful so you don’t find yourself making the same mistakes over and over again. Knowing your value and claiming (or reclaiming) your confidence is a huge step in moving forward and future-proofing your career.

There is no better advocate for your career than you, and despite your good efforts, there may be times when you have to speak up to be recognised for your efforts. Know that you have a lot to offer any potential employer and your strengths, talents, and even your weaknesses, all combine to make the unique person that you are.

Knowing your value will help you to promote it, so you can continue to work towards your goals. If you struggle to understand your value, then being able to communicate it to others can be extremely difficult. Learn to be confident in all aspects of your work and be able to back up your ideas if necessary. When it comes to issues such as salary negotiation, deadlines, benefits and other work-related concerns, standing your ground and understanding precisely what you have to offer your future employer will hold you in good stead.

If you would like to learn more about being able to future-proof your career and position yourself to become “the Associate”, then take advantage of the First Annual PA Pages Annual Online Summit (30 April 2018 – 4 May 2018). Best thing of all it’s free to attend, all online and will give you loads of great strategies and tips for developing your career and taking control of your own future.


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