How to Build Your Credibility and Influence Others

How to Build Your Credibility and Influence Others

With the number of organisations opening every day, credibility is now more important than ever. And trust plays a big part in it. Without trust, you cannot go far at all. Businesses (and Influencers) need supporters and satisfied customers to spread the word, and this can only be gained by developing their confidence and cementing yourself as an expert in your particular field.

But how can you influence others, win trust and position yourself as a leader to influence others? If you are tasked with looking after building your company’s online reputation or even looking to boost your own credibility and influence here are some practical ideas to get you started.

Network online

Networking online is one of your most powerful weapons.

It provides you with the biggest reach possible, extending your reputation past your immediate network. The printed word is an extremely powerful tool, so take any and all opportunities to locate relevant communities to share your content with. Seek out and do interviews to cement your name and your brand.

Sourcebottle is an amazing tool to tap into journalists who may be seeking stories and quotes in your niche field. The more you do, the more you will be seen.

Network offline

Despite the popularity of online networking, offline networking still plays an important part in securing local and national confidence. Attend conferences that are relevant to your field and attend networking groups where possible. These will enable you to build solid connections and relationships which you can then use to your professional advantage. Conversations offline can significantly influence your online activities – don’t ignore the chance to chat. You need as many supporters as you can get.

Vlogs and blogs

Video blogs and text blogs play a major part in modern marketing for small to medium businesses. Always aim to be helpful and provide a solution wherever possible. Demonstrate your unique insight about the topic at hand and always make it about the reader. Blog intelligently and often to maintain leadership status. Blogging is a huge help to your online traffic and will ensure that your name continuously comes up when your particular niche is mentioned.

Engage on social media

Be an active member of social media and curate your content like a professional. Add a combination of your content, as well as that of your competitors. Add some tips, throw in some humour and ask questions. Read and share what you have learnt. Seek advice. Educate. And read and share some more. If someone wants to know something about your particular topic, then they should be able to find it on your social media pages.

Help your Executive to publish something (or better still publish something yourself!)

You cannot be a leader these days without having published something. It doesn’t have to be a full-blown book, although it is worth the effort to do that. Start small with an eBook or whitepaper to gauge its success and see where it takes you. If you don’t fancy writing it yourself, then there are plenty of ghost writers available who can put something together under your guidance.

While the above tools are very helpful in getting your marketing program off the ground, there are a few missing ingredients that need to be included to enable the success of your marketing recipe.

Consistency. Publishing an eBook once and doing nothing else will not be enough. You need to be regularly publishing articles and posting on social media to make your mark. Continuously seek out interview opportunities to remain relevant. The saying, “today’s newspaper is tomorrow’s trash” has never been more appropriate. A consistency of content also requires a strong consistency to your message. Be you – and always you without hesitation.

Listen and respond. While your initial intention is to be heard, remember, it is not always about YOU! Listen to what is being said to raise your value. Acknowledge the advice of others as well as their concerns and then respond accordingly. When you are authentic – you have nothing to prove. But always bear in mind you do have a lot to learn!

Lead them home. The culmination of your efforts to build trust and credibility is to drive your audience, both online and offline, back to your website to capture their interest with your lead generator. Your website is where you showcase your message, demonstrate your worth and guide them through the process, so they buy your products and build a valuable network.

Remember, that building trust and credibility is not an overnight exercise. It might take years before you are finally in a position where your brand begins to sell itself. But when you do reach this level, it is indeed a moment to celebrate. It means that all of your past efforts have come together and you have finally reached the position where you can begin to influence others with ease.

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