How to Future-Proof Your Career: Part Three

How to Future-Proof Your Career: Part Three

By now you should have a better understanding of how much effort it will actually take to future-proof your career. If you missed out on part one and part two of this blog then click here.

These strategies are certainly not an overnight process nor will it make you an overnight success. The main takeaway is that you are in control of your future and career and totally deserving of the effort to ensure your career is worthwhile and rewarding.

In Part 3 of How to Future-Proof Your Career, we are going to look at stepping outside of comfort zones, networking, balance and the most important thing – learning.

  1. Step outside your comfort zone

Career progression and development will only come when you are willing to step outside of your comfort zone. Note, however, that it is much easier said than done. If you are not used to putting yourself in a position of fear and embracing the risk, it can be difficult and will be very uncomfortable.

Stepping outside your comfort zone on a regular basis is something which does get easier with time and a lot of practice. Practice something that takes you out of your comfort zone every day and think of small ways you can overcome your fears; this is definitely a great start.

Talk to someone you don’t know at work – take on a new task to learn something new – request additional duties or to work on a project you are passionate about.

There are many ways you can build up your confidence and gain personal control over your daily life. Do away with the automated response to what goes on in the world and direct the course of your career in a positive and purposeful manner.

Taking small risks can lead to big rewards. The reality is, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Regret is something you will experience if you didn’t take advantage of opportunities that present themselves, while satisfaction will be gained even if it goes disastrously wrong.

Be brave and do something that will benefit the future you.

  1. Network

For individuals who are naturally outspoken, networking can be a lot of fun. Even for introverts who find the art of networking challenging, to say the least, networking does have its benefits.

Sometimes, it is necessary to face the challenge head on to meet new people and develop your professional contacts. You don’t have to be the life and soul of every event to make it count. Just listen, swap business cards, add value to the conversation, smile and be polite. You never know when a particular contact is going to come in handy. And, you may just meet your future mentor through networking, or at the very least someone who can point you in the right direction.

Networking gives you a chance to refine your brand and your message. Being nervous is okay – just act natural. Set yourself mini goals to accomplish and mentally cross them off the list.

Aim to speak to at least three new people who you may not have chatted to prior to the event and consider it a huge win if you manage to do that. The people you meet at networking events can help you in various stages throughout your entire career.

  1. Strive for balance

It is important that you have a good understanding of your own limitations as burnout can happen at any point in your career. Take time off and try to avoid working late on a regular basis. Aim for work/life effectiveness rather than balance as sometimes you may need to put more time into your personal life and vice versa depending on whatever else is going on around you.

Your main goal is to be happy, and if you can achieve that, then in my books that makes you successful right there. While saving holidays for a big overseas trip is great, if you’re not one to do this take your holidays when they are owed and turn off the electronics in the evening so you can let your body and brain fully recharge.

Socialise with friends, and aim to leave work at 5 pm on the dot – make the choices necessary to maintain your sanity and come in to work fully charged the next day.

If you are constantly feeling tired and bitter about your role, then something needs to give. Have a think about what is frustrating you or zapping your energy and look to make the necessary changes.

Your career is for the long-haul so it needs to benefit you today, tomorrow and beyond.

  1. Continuous learning is the key to future-proofing your career

Last, but certainly not least, is the subject of learning.

You must never, ever stop learning.

Learning should be a constant in your life from now until the end. Professional development can come in many forms including books, podcasts, videos, online courses, conferences and online summits.

If you haven’t yet made time to come up with a development plan, then drop everything and DO IT NOW. It’s your life, and the choices you make today will affect your future and your ability to perform your job well.

Your ability to learn will help you survive and even thrive in a changing world. As new technologies are created, you will always be ready to learn something new or pick up a new skill that will help you forge ahead.

Continuous learning can help you evolve as a professional and you should always be open to new opportunities as they can crop up when you least expect them. If you want to protect your employability and future-proof your career, then learning should be high on your priority list.

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