Cloning You – Tips to Prepare for Handover

Cloning You – Tips to Prepare for Handover

Going on annual leave for a long period of time or preparing to move up the ranks within your company can be quite a stressful time. While the process of finding the right person can take time, it can especially be quite stressful preparing for handover.

Preparing for handover to another person well before you even think about going on leave or moving on, can be a whole lot easier using these following steps.

Document your tasks

This is the most important step of them all. It is also the step that takes the most time, so be sure to do this well before you even plan your next holiday. If you have never done this before then start now!. I promise that it will make it much easier when the time comes for you to go away or move on.

When documenting your tasks keep a detailed calendar of everything that you do each day. Get yourself a new notebook or open a new Word or Excel document on your desktop for easy access and so that you can continually update.

I recommend spending a good month documenting everything that you do. This will ensure that you capture all repeat tasks as well as any ad hoc things that come your way.

If there are repetitive tasks that you do map these out under days of the week. While the role of Personal or Executive Assistant is varied, this will help you to capture the things that are a must for each day. This is also relevant for any role.

Create a manual

Once you have documented everything, start to create a manual with headings and a table of contents. Mapping it out in a way that will help you capture everything is important here.

“Most people retain 95% of the message in a video compared to only 10% of what they read in text.”

There’s no doubt about it that video is also another great tool to use while creating your manual. Video’s are especially great, to create and use, if you use custom or specific software that isn’t necessarily used everywhere. It’s also handy to use if you are going away completely and won’t be around to ask any questions down the track.

Being a lover of all things Apple, I love QuickTime Player for this process. If you use a PC there are loads of equivalent programs including Jing, which is a free program you can download here.

Because everyone learns in different ways, writing your manual using step by step processes and using screen shots will help the new person to go back and practice everything you show them.

I love using manuals for handover, because it ensures that I don’t miss anything and helps to get the new person up to speed quicker. (It also flags any processes that can be altered or be simplified).


When the new person starts, it’s really important to talk about the expectations for the role and what you expect. This will help iron out any unnecessary frustrations and help the new person to settle in sooner. Ensure that this is done within the first few days of starting and reiterate them as you work through the manual.

If you are only going away for a week or two, don’t set your expectations too high. There are always things that will be missed or waiting for you upon your return.

Settling in

If you’re moving onto another role you need to ensure that you give the new person a good three to four weeks for them to completely take hold of the job and everything that it entails.

Ensure that the person knows that while you may have moved on you are always happy to answer any questions that they might have, even if it is six months down the track.

While you might have a record of everything that you do and how you do them, remember that everyone works differently. Again, having set expectations will eliminate any frustrations here.

Going through the process of preparing for handover is a good time to talk to other staff in lower ranks who might be interested in moving into your role. Giving others the opportunity to “have a go” when you are away is the perfect time to ensure you can move into your next role with ease.

Do you have any tips to share to clone yourself with ease? Share them in the comments section below. We’d love to hear them!


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