Using the Facebook Events feature to promote your next event

As an experienced EA, I know first hand just how versatile our jobs can be. One day you’re elbow deep


Finding the right influencer to work with

Influencer marketing is a relatively new trend that has emerged to market products or services by working directly with specific


How to add a video to a Microsoft Powerpoint presentation | Part 2

In this video, I will show you one way to add videos to a Microsoft Powerpoint presentation. This way is


How to add a video to a Microsoft Powerpoint presentation | Part 1

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How to add an app to Microsoft Word

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Productivity tips to conquer procrastination

Procrastination affects everyone, no matter who you are. It prevents us from achieving the best results at work. In other words, it affects our productivity. You not only do insignificant things first, but nothing gets done.


3 Ways to help reduce the bounce rate on your organisations website

Are you someone who also has the responsibility of website maintenance thrown into the mix of area’s that you look


How to make time for yourself

<span style="font-weight: 400">Between work, chores, errands, and family duties, a modern lady seems to be chronically short on Me time. But while there are few things you can do to stop your To Do list from growing out of proportion, it’s always useful to have a handful of efficient time management strategies up your sleeve to help you carve off a bit of precious time alone when the world begins to cave in. Sounds impossible? It’s not, really. Here, try these simple strategies and you’ll soon realize you can actually spend a lot more quality time with your favorite person, Your Majesty Self, than you initially expected.</span>


Building Confidence Posting on Your Social Media

Social media is an important part of any organisation’s marketing plan.  Social media, whether organic or paid, is a great


How to Build Your Credibility and Influence Others

With the number of organisations opening every day, credibility is now more important than ever. And trust plays a big