Becoming an outstanding assistant

Becoming an outstanding assistant

Have you ever met an assistant and thought “Wow, they’re good!”?

How did they get to be that good? Did they study something in particular? Did they chalk up hundreds of years experience? Were they just lucky?

The likelihood is that they have been studying, they have been chalking up the years of experience – but not in the ways you would expect.

Along with their unique abilities, skills, and attributes, it’s possible they have implemented a strategy of MODELLING, the basis of neuro linguistic programing (NLP) and Meta Dynamics™.

Modelling is the process of studying a model of excellence in a particular area, in this instance either another outstanding assistant or even a leader, determining the core attributes, characteristics, qualities, actions, behaviours and the sequence in which all that happens in order to install that sequence within themselves, so they can replicate the excellence and results.

Is this painful brain surgery?

No – it’s much easier, quicker and cost effective!

It’s believed that modelling enables you to develop the desired skill or behaviour in half the time the person you’re modelling took to attain their own level of excellence (hence chalking up years of experience whilst maintaining their youthful looks).

Let’s relate it to health and fitness – there’s someone you admire for their fitness levels – and the questions you might ask.

  • What is crucial to their success that I am not using?
  • What is crucial to their success that I am using (and I’ll keep)?
  • What visualisation strategies do they use?
  • What is their emotional state on a consistent basis?
  • What is their state of physiology? (how do they carry themselves/body language)
  • What are their values and believes?

You can even model yourself. Consider a time in the past when you achieved excellence.

  • What did you see, hear, feel and say to yourself before that event? During the event? After the event?
  • What was important to you about this event?
  • What was your emotional state before, during and after the event?
  • What was your physiology like?
  • How did you plan for the event?

You can become an outstanding assistant too – just look around you and become a model.

Fiona Hurle

Fiona Hurle Coach | Trainer | Speaker | Author Mind Over Matter Consultants


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