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PA Pages is all about YOU! We know that the role of the Personal Assistant or Executive Assistant along with other various Office Professional roles within the Australian workforce has changed substantially over recent times. Today many of these roles hold a large amount of influence, decision-making and require us to be a Jill (or Jack) of all trades. Our mission is to provide you with the ultimate online resource where Office Professionals like you can be inspired and empowered to be the best leaders, problems solvers and support person in the office. We aim to provide you with everything you need through our online community whether you have a question about the workplace or your career, need to organise a team building activity, send a gift, book a chauffeur driven car, or want to know how to do something you will find it all here on PA Pages. Personal Assistants, Executive PA, Virtual Assistants, Secretaries, Receptionists and more!


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