5 Tips To help You Tackle a Large Task On Your To-Do-List

5 Tips To help You Tackle a Large Task On Your To-Do-List

Like most PA’s my daily ’To Do’ list of tasks and things to do is rather large. There is the usual list of expenses, reports to write, phone calls to make and travel and accommodation to sort. These lists can sometimes make me feel overwhelmed and quite often larger projects that require more attention and time end up at the bottom of my pile of priorities; which end up never getting completed.

I recently set myself a challenge to tackle these projects and eliminate overwhelm.  While initially looking like a large task with a To Do list to match, it was achievable. Here’s how I accomplished them:

1. Break the task down into simpler and smaller tasks – create the plan of attack

To start with I put it all down on paper. I broke each and every project down into bite sized pieces. After breaking it down like that the project didn’t look anywhere near as intimidating. Instead I could see lots of different little tasks that were achievable each day (and I could see who I could bring on board to help me achieve completion).

2. Set a time frame

Working on projects that help the overall running of a business can always be easily put to the side and worse still, forgotten about. The trick here is to set an achievable and realistic time frame. For me I set one of my projects out to be completed in one month / 30 days and broke each piece down into bits I needed to complete each and every day.

3. Book the time into your diary as you would any other task

As I mentioned earlier, it is so easy to put tasks that benefit your own business to the side. The secret here to keeping on track and ensuring that it gets done is to book in time each day as you would any other job or task that you might do. Stick to – and respect – this ‘appointment’ as you would any other: your tasks and commitments are just as important as those of your bosses.

4. Keep your list visible

Most people find that it is so much easier to be reminded of something if it is constantly within your sight. It is a natural thing to want to be able to cross off a completed task and see a visual ‘result’, allowing you to move onto the next task.

5. Review, review, review

OK, so some days are going to be more hectic than others with urgent jobs landing in your inbox or on your desk and not to mention the emergency phone call that needs immediate attention.

Despite these unforeseen events it’s important to make sure that at the end of each week, you can see that you have made progress with the large task or tasks at hand and that you are happy that they are fitting within your set time frame.

Again, book some time in your diary at the end of each week (or even first thing on a Monday morning) to review the tasks still on your ‘To Do’ list. What can be rescheduled, commented immediately or have time set aside for next week. You are the boss of your time and I have found that this is the best way to manage it effectively.

Using your time efficiently can go a long way to reducing the difficulty of large tasks or projects.

What are your tips to tackle a project on your to do list? Share your tips in the comment section below.

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