5 Signs you’re ready to go virtual

5 Signs you’re ready to go virtual

Have you ever considered working for yourself as a Virtual Assistant? As a Personal Assistant or Executive Assistant, you already have many skills that can be transferred into a virtual role or even your own business.

A virtual assistant can work from virtually anywhere – Wi-Fi permitting!  So, what is a virtual assistant? The job title may sound a little sci-fi, but virtual assistants are real people that provide professional, administrative, technical or creative solutions to businesses or individuals remotely.

As such they’re usually self-employed, independent contractors harnessing the power of modern technology to perform business tasks from anywhere in the world. This job may sound exciting, especially to the wanderlust among us, but the virtual work life isn’t for everyone.

If you value structured work hours, the security of a full-time, permanent job and the company of your work colleagues, being a virtual assistant probably isn’t for you. 

But if you can relate to the following, you might be ready to take the exciting leap from employee to a virtual assistant and business owner!

You want flexibility in your work hours

If the 9-to-5 work week doesn’t suit your lifestyle anymore, it’s a sign you’re ready for a move into a virtual position. Perhaps you have a family now and need to work around your child/ren. Whatever the reason, if you always feel like you need to be in two places at once it’s a classic sign you need flexibility in your work hours.  When given the option of choosing your work hours you can give everything in your life your full focus without feeling guilty about not being somewhere or with someone else.

You want to work from home (or anywhere)

Is the commute to work taking its toll? Whether you drive or catch public transport, you’re frustrated about the amount of time and money wasted on getting to and from the office on weekdays. If this is you, think about how much more time you could gain and money you’ll save if your office is in your own home! Or if you want to travel the world, your office can be your laptop! Feeling dissatisfied with travelling to an office and sitting in a building all day is another sign that it’s time to consider going virtual and working for yourself.

You want to choose what work you do

Are there some tedious work tasks that drive you to boredom or frustration? Do you feel like you should focus on what you’re good at and what you enjoy?

If so, becoming a virtual assistant will allow you to do just that! Perhaps you’re great at social media but loathe data-entry? If you start your own business, you can find your niche and work on the projects that give you a feeling of accomplishment. 

You’re tired of working for someone else

Your boss may be a difficult personality, or perhaps you have a problem with authority? Just joking, but seriously, not all of us are cut out to take orders. If you want to be in charge of where, when, and how you work without answering to anyone about projects, time off, holidays or childcare, then working as a virtual assistant is perfect for you.

You want to decide how much you earn

Tired of waiting for the boss to give you a pay rise? When you become a virtual assistant, you decide your hourly rate. You get to decide your annual salary, and the harder you work, the more you’ll earn, which isn’t often the case when you work for someone else.

If you answered yes to the above (or yelled it from a rooftop), you’re ready to take your career into the ‘virtual assistant’ world and become your own boss! So, what now you ask? How do you go from a personal or executive assistant to virtual assistant? 

The first step to step out of your current position and step into your own business is to create the all-important business and marketing plan (a blog for another day)! But first, consider the following baby-steps to get the wheels in motion.

  • Research and network

Before you begin, make sure you read up on what it takes to be a virtual assistant. If possible, talk to other virtual assistants and businesses who require the services of virtual assistants. You might discover a niche market that will give your business a competitive advantage. Network with people who may become future clients and find out if their business needs are being met.

  • Study to fill any skill gaps or expand your skill set

Do you have all the skills you need to set up a business? Many online courses will help you start your virtual assistant business, from learning about digital and social media marketing to time-management and everything in-between. Make sure you choose a reputable professional development course provider. 

  • Find your niche – Create a services menu

Consider what you love and loathe doing; this is a great way to create your list of services. After all, it’s important that you love or have a passion for the business you set up, or it won’t succeed. That said, make sure the services you offer are in demand with your potential clients. 

  • Consider your potential clients

Make a list of all the potential clients your business will service and plan how you will approach them. When putting together a list of potential clients, it’s a good time to call in any favours or to take advantage of any important connections you’ve made while working as a personal or executive assistant.

  • Branding & Business name

Creating and registering your business name, establishing your brand and building a website is the fun part about setting up your own business, but it can also be tricky. There are many online courses available to help you to start a small business, including digital marketing, management, financial planning certificates and more.

It’s not easy to start a business, but if you’re willing to invest the time, effort and persistence required, and you’re ready for a change in your work life, it can be the most rewarding and best decision of your life.

Author bio:

Haley Williams has a Bachelor of Communication in Journalism and over a decade of experience in the media, marketing and communications industries.
She is a widely published journalist with a particular interest in writing content and features on parenting, health, fitness, nutrition, professional development and education.

Author Bio:

Haley also has extensive experience as an SEO Content Writer and works for Australian Online Courses (www.australianonlinecouses.com.au). Haley Williams has a Bachelor of Communication in Journalism and over a decade of experience in the media, marketing and communications industries.

Haley Williams

Haley Williams is the Senior Content Writer for Australian Online Courses where she covers many topics affecting the workplace, including mental health, career development, conflict resolution, management techniques and personal and professional development strategies. A copywriter and journalist for more than a decade, Haley has also written for News Limited, APN News & Media, Practical Parenting, Madison magazine, Health Times, and various online publications.


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