4 Habits that Hurt Your Self Esteem

4 Habits that Hurt Your Self Esteem

“Self Esteem is the stuff that helps you be kind to yourself and others” Glenise Anderson

Do you think you lack self-esteem? Do you even know what self-esteem really means? When I googled the words, it said

Self Esteem (noun) Confidence in your own worth or ability; self-respect.

When I coach office professionals to increase their confidence the 4 habits I see that hurt their self-esteem is:

Lack of Action

When you get stuck and stop taking action, you start to doubt yourself. It doesn’t matter if you make mistakes. Mistakes are simply lessons, just make sure you learn from them.


If you suffer from this, you get caught up on the hampster wheel of tweaking, adjusting and tweaking again. In fact, you probably don’t even start things, thinking you’ll never be able to do it well enough.

Constantly wanting approval from others

A defence mechanism against criticism. Become crystal clear on what you want to achieve in your life. Clarity brings a resilience to your life which is a barrier against comments (even well-meaning ones) from family, friends or colleagues who aren’t comfortable with how things will change as you grow.

Negative Self Talk

Stop being a bully to yourself and dump the negative self-talk! It’s natural to be afraid when stepping out of your comfort zone, but don’t let it hold you back. Be aware of what you are saying to yourself and if it’s not encouraging – literally put your fingers in your ears and go la-la-la-la, just as you would if you don’t want to hear what someone is saying to you.

Life is about continuous learning.  As you master more things that interest you, your confidence increases.

Learn to be a role model – to yourself, your kids, your family and your colleagues.

If you want higher self-esteem – learn more; if you want to be a better person – learn more.  There is no excuse for not being the best version of yourself.

These days, learning is easy, accessible and affordable.  Stop making excuses and take action.

Glenise Anderson

Glenise is the Director of SR Group and Self Confident Women. Her passion lies in increasing confidence and emotional intelligence levels of individuals and teams, creating higher productivity and happiness. She is a speaker, qualified Trainer, Advanced Consultant in Extended DISC, Coach & Mentor.


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