4 Easy Steps To Redesign Your Personal Brand

4 Easy Steps To Redesign Your Personal Brand

Why would you want to redesign your Personal Brand?

The most common reason is because you want a promotion. Or you want to change job direction or industry completely. It might be because of a career mistake and you need to rebuild your Personal Brand. Or maybe you just want to create yourself into something new.

Throughout our life and career we naturally evolve, grow and change. This happens automatically and reactively.

But the secret is that you have the power to purposefully change your Personal Brand.

Perhaps you want to move from being part of the team into a team leader role. You might want to make a career change from being a PA into a Marketing role.

Redesigning your Personal Brand can lead to career success. It can also build your confidence, credibility and connection with others.

There are 4 easy steps to redesign your personal brand.

Start with your WHY

What are your career or life goals, and how will changing your Personal Brand help achieve these?

Understanding where you want to get to will help you to create your goals and vision. How do you want to feel when you have achieved these goals? What will your life or career look like?

Get pen + paper out and start writing what you truly want. Think BIG!

Clarity on your current Personal Brand

You need to know what you are starting with. Ask yourself – what are you known for? How do people perceive you? What feedback can you ask for?

Who are you spending most of your time with? What conversations do you get involved with? How do you dress and communicate? Do you work with integrity and keep your commitments? How do you make people feel?

Getting clear on where you are right now will help you to see what or where you want to change.

Create your new Personal Brand

This is the fun part! Brainstorm the words, feelings, images, behaviours, and actions your new Personal Brand will have. Get really specific and align these with your goals.

Study the people or role models who represent the brand you want to have. How do they dress, act, speak, behave? What do you admire or respect about them? Get clear on the details.

Create a vision board with pictures and words that represent your new Personal Brand, and place this somewhere where you will see it everyday.

Time for action

What small steps can you start straight away? Which ones might take a bit longer? What resources can you source to help you on your journey to redesign your Personal Brand?

Start to represent your new brand more consistently and regularly. Adjust along the way if something doesn’t work. Find new influences that match your new brand – websites, people, events, magazines. When you can afford to, build your wardrobe and styling. Don’t forget to align your online and social media presence with your new brand too.

Faking it til’ you make it can help during this time as you try on new behaviours. Over time it will become easier and your new Personal Brand will naturally become a part of you.

Reflect and review

Ask for feedback from trusted family, friends or colleagues on your Personal Brand journey. Seek a mentor or someone you admire for advice on developing and growing your brand.

Set a regular time aside to revisit the goals and vision you created – are you on track? What might you need to change? Can you think bigger?

Redesigning your Personal Brand will take time.

It won’t change overnight, and will take time for you to adjust into it. It may also feel strange and awkward.

Others around you may also feel uncomfortable as you start to change. You might not be doing the same things, or behaving the same way that you used to.

Stay true to your vision and goals. Know WHY you are making this change.

The good news is that you will see amazing results as you start to move yourself into a new, exciting direction and bring your goals to life – all through making your Personal Brand work for you!

Over the coming months I will be sharing more insights on how to create and manage your amazing personal brand so stay tuned.

Michelle Robb

Michelle Robb is a Career Coach, writer and speaker who is passionate about empowering corporate women to build a career and life that they LOVE! With an Advanced Diploma in Management, a Certified Life Coach and over 15 years experience in leadership roles, Michelle has coached and mentored hundreds of women in places such as Optus, Telstra, Macquarie Bank and through her own business, Michelle Robb Coaching. When Michelle is not helping women find happiness and success, she can usually be found with her friends and family, eating delicious food and coffee, and then burning it off on the Coogee to Bondi walk!


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