Treldon Layne

[ When you think with love, there is no room for hate ]

Treldon Layne is the founder of  Treldon’s Greetings, a unique greeting line that was created with the intention to inspire and motivate individuals in the public domain to find self within. Together with his poetic creativity, the gift of song writing comes naturally to Treldon, but his true passion is to inspire us through the art of music composition that hopes to teach audiences about the value of self.

He has written two books of poetry entitled: ‘They Stole It, I Must Replace It’ and ‘Rise Up and Bolt Forward.’ The National Registry of Cultural Workers has recognised Treldon as an artiste in the field of poetry. He was mentored by the very renowned Ms Renee Cummings, through The Ministry of Arts and Multiculturalism. He has obtained Grade 1 Theory of Music with distinction from Trinity College London, which was prepared for examination by Gloria Barry. The famous Kenny Philips taught him recording engineering and he has had over 200 contact hours. The Strolling Players, which is headed by Freddie Kissoon, awarded him a certificate of attendance in drama from that entity and he is also a member of The Writers Union of Trinidad and Tobago with a very impressive support base.

Treldon was also featured in the Bocas Lit Fest 2015 as an emerging writer. He is the sole composer of wise sayings and is also an effective motivational speaker, transformational speaker and the founder of the Treldon Layne Foundation.

At present, he has completed The Mentoring Program through The Ministry of Arts and Multiculturalism. His Mentor, Dr. Winsford Devine, has written Songs for highly renowned artistes such as, The Mighty Sparrow, Baron, and Machel Montano.


When you think with love, there is no room for hate

With love you can heal the world including yours! But how can you achieve it? First, by understanding that we are people who possess the innate ability to love. To grow as a person, we must learn to ourselves. True life and love is filled with meaning. Eliminating the hate within us is one step in the healing process.

This session will accomplish all of these topics

✓What is love and real hate?
✓ How are these two different from each other?
✓ You have to heal yourselves from hate and why?
✓ What you are thinking is your reality, so change?
✓Yes hate! Is all around us but we can control it mentality?
✓Relearning that love is the answer to hate?
✓ Let us show our appreciation for your life! Rise up to it!
✓ Questions and Answer session.




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Day 4
When you think with love, there is no room for hate 9:00