Rafael Ayala

[ Positive attitude towards transformation. breaking the resistance to change ]

Human and Business Transformation Expert. Business and life coach and consultant, author, TEDx participant, Tv and Radio show’s host, Emmy Award nominee and Keynote Speaker with 23 years of experience. Rafael Has collaborated with International companies all around USA, Latinamerica and Europe. NSA professional member.

– Expert in human and business development, specialised in the effectiveness and human challenges of organisations.
– Bachelor of Communication and Diploma in Senior Management.
– Founder and CEO of Human Effectiveness Training Company
– Founder and director of the free family and personal counseling center “Solutions” at Sonora, Mexico.
– Professional facilitator and mediator in negotiations and agreements processes.
– Author of several books and audio books distributed internationally, among which “Healing the wounds of the soul”, “Change your habits, change your life” and “Living without fear of falling.” (All in spanish).
– Television show host “Human Potential with Rafael Ayala”.
– EMMY Award nominee for his TV segments “Gifts of Life” (Univision).
– Certified Life and Business coach.
– General Manager of a farming industry from 1991 to 1996.
– University professor at Universidad del Noroeste, ITESM and ISEI.
– Franklin Covey certified trainer in “The 7 habits of highly effective people”.
– International speaker with participation in forums at Europe and throughout the Americas.
– Professional Member of the National Speakers Association (NSA).
– Awarded as “Speaker of the Year” (2013) by the Latin America Quality Institute.
– Frequent participant at mass media (Televisa, Tv Azteca, Univision, CNN Spanish, Telemundo, among others).


Positive attitude towards transformation. breaking the resistance to change

Human nature is paradoxical. On one side we start changing and keep doing it since we are born, on the other side we resist changes. Being aware of this can help us identify our resistances to face them and overcome them faster. Fear, comfort zone and fixed beliefs are strong barriers to keep us still . Recovering our perspective as natural transformational beings and using some practical tools, we can flexibilise our paradigms, move out of our comfort zone and overcome fears. With this approach and tools, we will not only have a positive attitude towards change, but we may become transformational agents.


Website: www.rafalayala.com
Facebook: @rafaelayalaautor
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/rafael-ayala-968b4a8

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